Everything returns to normal on Well Met, but the TAC crew loses Joce to travel so it's just a two man show for this week. Topics include SeatStory V, the next Hearthstone adventure, and lots and lots of listener emails.

Back to TopWell Met! Podcast Ep. 70: Ragnaros the Partylord

In Ep. 70, the regular crew is back and there is a lot of speculation going on!
  • The guys discuss if Blizzard will keep Friendly Feud in the game.
  • Blizzard has been heavily teasing the next Hearthstone adventure. What will it be?
  • SeatStory Cup put competitive Hearthstone back into the spotlight this week.
  • Vicious Syndicate has uploaded another Data Reaper Report.
  • Emails!
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Back to TopThe Angry Chicken #163 - "Frodaman"

On The Angry Chicken #163 Garrett is back but Joce is traveling! Dills and Garrett hold down the fort and talk about the upcoming announcement, BlizzCon hype beginning, SeatStory Cup V, Frodan's absurd Shaman deck, their hopes for the next Adventure, and of course stories and emails.

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