angrychickenhh.pngWhere's #159? We're not entirely sure, but it's a really slow news week. Just a card back delay to discuss and some tweets from Mr. Ben Brode himself. The rest of the show is dedicated to Yogg Druid and answering fan mail!

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  • It's a pretty slow news week. The Halfhill card back isn't being rewarded this month after all and Ben Brode has been busy tweeting.
  • Dills has been enjoying Wild, using it to get away from the seriousness of Standard late in the month. Jocelyn meanwhile hasn't touched it.
  • Learn all about Yogg Druid as the crew discusses its success, win conditions, and results.

On The Angry Chicken #160 a very simple remark by Ben Brode sent Joce, Dills, and Garrett flying off on a discussion on how the ladder could be improved. Also this week the Halfhill card back is missing, Tinyfin's card back is coming, Yogg Druid is quite popular, and plenty of emails and stories from!

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