angrychickenhh.pngDreamhack Austin champion Keaton "Chakki" Gill joins The Angry Chicken to talk about Hearthstone and his decision to leave Team Dignitas.

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  • Chakki first got the idea of being a professional player from League of Legends. He reached high Diamond back in the first few seasons but then Hearthstone came out.
  • He also won trips to Hawaii and California by playing the Pokemon card game.
  • Chakki's first Hearthstone love was the old Unleash the Hounds Hunter.
  • He's fine with the Classic set staying evergreen as cards would likely be reprinted anyways.

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"Coming from my perspective, I'd really like to see some sort of tournament mode or in client support. And I don't think it even needs to be very complex," he tells Jocelyn. "I think that some really basic, almost like a custom game mode, where I can go into a match with someone and set parameters. Like, "Okay, we're both going to use three decklists, you can't change anything. It's Last Hero Standing or Conquest or whatever and the game automatically forces those rules upon you." Because right now, I've been playing a lot of open tournaments in the past month and something that happens is there's all these rules and there's always people that break them, intentionally [or] unintentionally, whatever. The fact that there's 18 deck slots now there has to be a rule where you're only allowed to use three decks and if you want to make sure your opponent is not cheating you have to personally ask them to take a screenshot...there's all these problems where it's holding back the tournament scene."

Chakki continues, "It's not a huge part of the community is an issue. I feel like maybe Blizzard should try to integrate the casual community into this idea of tournament modes. What if you could just sit down with your buddy and challenge them to a Best of 5 Conquest. . .I feel like if they implemented it in the client a lot more people would become interested in it."

On The Angry Chicken #157 Chakki guests for the first time ever! The regular trio talk with Keaton about how he got into playing Hearthstone professionally, his thoughts on Old Gods, what lies ahead after Dignitas, how to prepare for tournaments, and more.

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