angrychickenhh.pngThis week The Angry Chicken has our very own Kevin "Odinn" Hovdestad on the show to talk about his experiences with casting and the latest Hearthstone news.

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Eater of Secrets - "I feel like this is a Wild card," says Dills, "which to me is kind of cool because it means that Wild is not completely off the radar." Garrett continues, "I think this is a really cool card, I'm glad that it exists. But it also fails in the same way that Kezan Mystic does. I don't think this is something that's going to be consistent enough for typical ladder play..." Dills interjects saying, "But it's an option you can put in when Secret Paladin is destroying the Wild meta."

Giant Sand Worm - "I'm not sure it's a good card," Garrett says as the rest of the crew chimes in. "It's a Ram Wrangler buff," Dills states. But Kevin lays down the truth, "It's a bad card is what it is."

Hogger, Doom of Elwynn - Garrett loves that it's a card but isn't thrilled with how useful it actually is. Kevin seems hopeful that it may actually be alright with the understanding that we still have more than a hundred new cards to reveal, but Dills can't shake the Troggzor the Earthinator feeling.

Stand Against Darkness - Though the main cast believes this could be good in Arena, Kevin isn't ready to review it just yet with so much still unknown. "If there's no new synergy, it's junk" he says, "which to me says there's going to be new synergy."

Klaxxi Amber-Weaver - The crew discusses various possibilities revolving around activating this card such as playing Beckoner of Evil on Turn 2 and 3 and thus allowing you to have a 4/10 on Turn 4. Kevin points out the Brann Bronzebeard synergy, basically giving you an on board Lord Jaraxxus relatively early on in the game.

On The Angry Chicken #140 host from Well Met and caster Kevin "Odinn" Hovdestad guests to talk about a ton of the happenings going on in the world of Hearthstone. This week a new Paladin hero Lady Liadrin has joined the tavern, Deck Recipes have been added, the amount of deck slots have been doubled, Amnesiac fought hard for a win at the 2016 Americas Winter Championship, viewbotting continues to be a huge problem for Twitch, and there are five new Old Gods cards to look at.

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