The beautiful thing about cards that have randomness attached to them is that with each new piece of downloadable content, whether that be an Adventure or proper Expansion, they change. With the release of The Grand Tournament, some of your favorite cards like Bane of Doom, Sneed's Old Shredder, and Webspinner all have new possibilities and less likelihood of spawning that one minion that you're looking for. By far though, Piloted Shredder is the most popular to utilize this mechanic and as a result, let's take a look at what you do (and don't) want to get out of this deathrattle.

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Totem Golem only costs two mana because of its one mana Overload. Getting a 3/4 body without having to pay anything at all will be sigh inducing for your opponents. You really can't complain about a 7/7 in stats for four mana.

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There's really only good news when Garrison Commander pops out of your Piloted Shredder. If you're a class like Hunter or Warrior would be an excellent drop. Even if you're not, it opens up some new options that you might not have had before. There will be those videos when someone is two off lethal as a Mage and this gives them the win. Most foes will probably prioritize elimination of this as well, so that only increases its value.

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Bad for Warlocks, good for everyone else, Fallen Hero might help you ping off some pesky minions, deal a couple more damage to the face, or one additional life lost to yourself. It's not hugely important either way, at least most of the time, but it does have the possibility of being both good and bad.

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Good: Big body. Bad: Damage dealt to it goes to your face. That one mana Shield Slam to both kill a minion and deal ten damage to your face suddenly sounds terrifying, no?

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This one is going to hurt. Getting a 2/3 isn't bad, but losing a mana crystal when Darnassus Aspirant dies is sure to mess up your game plan for the rest of the game. Being one short each turn adds up over time, especially if you went second. I'm not entirely sure if this isn't worse than Doomsayer, yes, you could lose all of the minions you need to win, but at least that's a quick and painless death whereas Darnassus Aspirant can make you bleed out over time.

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Unlike Ancient Watcher, Argent Watchman is certainly never worth silencing. It's barely worth going out of your way to hero power. Maybe it's not completely useless but it's a smaller body and requires two mana repeatedly to attack at all. Not a good trade.The rest of The Grand Tournament two drops that we didn't mention here average 2.27 attack and health, so they aren't particularly good, but it's always interesting to see the possibility of new plays with a little help from the RNG gods.