With the latest patch came all of The Grand Tournament legendary cards. Blizzard has certainly improved with each piece of downloadable content released but as always there are some that are just lackluster compared to the others. I've sifted through all 132 cards and found ten of my favorites, it's probably worth noting that they don't necessarily have to be good...

Back to Top10. Murloc Knight

Okay, Murloc Knight is Oasis Snapjaw levels of good. It looks fine and dandy until in just a few frames the frog's tongue shoots out to splatter a fly on the front of your screen.

Back to Top9. Pit Fighter

There's just something about the way Blizzard chose to animate the spinning of Pit Fighter's weapons that makes me not want to look away. Her other two effects aren't exactly revolutionary though so she's a little low on this list.

Back to Top8. Bolster

The first time I saw Bolster, I was just entranced by the way the shields were rotating and I still am. Must. Keep. Watching.

Back to Top7. Holy Champion

Aside from being extraordinarily shiny, Holy Champion has good overall effect choices. The flowing of her hair, the light rays emanating from below, and the light energy billowing from her hands. Just a really solid overall gold card.

Back to Top6. Lock and Load

The more golden Lock and Loads there are, the better honestly. In the process of creating this post we put three of them side by side and it was awesome. Seriously though, will he ever run out of bullets?

Back to Top5. Void Crusher

One of the reasons golden Void Crusher is so good is just how much better it is than the standard version. Rather than the same old stagnant dark blue, you get to see it build up energy before having it blown away, revealing the cooler colors beneath.

Back to Top4. Arcane Blast

Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. Can circles make pewing noises? Well now they do. There's just something oddly satisfying about just how sharp those are as they shoot outwards.

Back to Top3. Confessor Paletress

The most obvious part of Confessor Paletress is the light arcing between her hand and staff. And while that's cool to watch flow in an almost liquid fashion, she's actually glowing too. But the part that sold me the most? Look at the background. The water rolling from step to step is just too cool.

Back to Top2. Chillmaw

While I'm not 100% sold on the swirl as Chillmaw builds up energy. The effects as he expels his blue flame is fantastic. From the actual flame to the energy burning in his throat, it's so nice to watch repeatedly.

Back to Top1. The Mistcaller

Many really, really want The Mistcaller to make the Shaman class relevant again. And while that might not happen, at the very least they have one of the coolest golden animations in the entire set. His static card isn't all that interesting but add his wavering clothes, an mood setting background, and all the power flowing out of his hands and you really do feel like you should be afraid of The Mistcaller.

A couple questions. A) What are you favorite golden cards? And B) Is it time to open packs yet?