Spell Druid, Tempo Mage, and more!

It's been a long time since our guide section got some tender love and care. Over the course of the redesign we've been hard at work bringing our guide section up to date. Today we launch eight new guides and two updated ones which should help you get a solid foundation before you make the decision to play the archetype for yourself.

Each guide contains a brief overview, the general strategy you're looking to take, and ways your opponent will likely try to counter you. In addition, we provide some playstyle tips and notes, mulligans, matchup ratings, and even some recommendations for tech/replacement cards. Some may also answer frequently asked questions and provide community made guides that you can check out for supplemental reading. And for those looking to bring the archetype into Wild, we've also put together a decklist for that along with a quick explanation as to how it plays differently.


We'd like to send special thanks to Fade 2 Karma's J4CHIECHAN for helping us with the Spell Druid Guide.

In the near future we'll likely be busy with BlizzCon and the upcoming expansion, but know that updating each and every one of our official guides is on our priority list. We'd very much like for it to be a reliable source of general information once again and we look forward to reopening it to user submissions. Sadly we've had to pick and choose what issues to address and what features to push out the door first and because of this we still aren't ready to enable the front-end guide editor and creator.

Thank you for your continued patience. If you missed it, Sunday's installment of Hearthhead Headlines went over some of the fixes and changes we pushed live last week including a revamped comment editor.