We recently added the ability to create Tavern Brawl decks, which is here if you missed that. But with only two days left, let's take a look at some of the decks our community has made and examine exactly why they work well in this banana profuse game mode.

Back to Top Violet Mage Banana Tavern Brawl

Hyjinx does a good job of breaking down the win conditions for this Mage deck centered around generating and casting bananas.
Mulligan for Haunted Creeper and Harvest Golem. They provide so many bananas when you make a lot of early trades. Mirror Image is serviceable too. The Mirror Images can't kill stuff, but they will slow your opponent and give you 2 bananas.

You'll find the usual Sorcerer's Apprentices, to make your bananas free to play, Flamewakers, to deal out lots of pings, Mana Wyrms, which will continually grow stronger, and Violet Teachers, to truly snowball your lead.

Hyjinx also goes as far as to include Bloodmage Thalnos, Kobold Geomancers, and Mountain Giants. The latter of which should be significantly discounted due to the size of your hand.

Mage is probably the safest way to tackle this week's challenge as I've also seen a good deal of success with my version of this deck: Skiffington's Tavern Brawl Tempo Mage.

Back to Top Brawl Banana Shaman Nuke!

Nailer describes this Shaman deck's win condition rather simply:
Try to spawn as many creatures as you can and buff them!
I tried to get something similar to this working earlier this week, albeit with more late game. Rather than that, Nailer puts in some Bloodlusts, seeking to overwhelm the enemy very quickly.

The Angry Chicken is honestly a surprise but could work given enough buffs. The mobility brought with Ancestral Healing, Ancestral Spirit, and Reincarnate serve very useful purposes despite the fact that the relatively value of these 3 mana cost or cheaper minions is lower than ideal.

That said, Echoing Ooze stands as the only huge tempo swing so unless you're pushing aggro pretty hard, make sure to save these to fall back on.

Back to Top (Banana Brawl) Accelerating Miracle Druid

Squeaker884 brings us an interesting Druid deck to the brawl.
Relies on taunts to guard heavy hitters that keep getting stronger. Can switch to being offensive if you are in the lead.

Hide your minions that are accelerating in strength behind taunts. Try to save bananas for the [card=2306 and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. There is potential to mill the other player a card or two in the early game. Use Loatheb if you have filled their hand with bananas. Plenty of silences to counter opponent bananas.
Clockwork Giant is a unique addition, one that I had pondered myself, and it's nice to see it in a deck that actually works. Dragonkin Sorcerer quickly became one of the most underrated cards in this format with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to keep you drawing. With that, you do need to be careful about overdrawing however.

Back to Top Banana Brawl!

SnowbloodTV's Warlock deck seems like your normal Midrange Demon Zoo except with the fascinating inclusion of Mistress of Pain. Obviouisly she has a bunch of synergy with buffs and can truly keep you in the game with a high damage output and health gain, netting you a bunch of tempo.

Thaurissan gives you the chance at some crazy Arcane Golem, Faceless Manipulator, Power Overwhelming, and banana combos. This is a really bursty yet consistent deck and probably one of the best Warlock's I've seen.

Add Shadowflame and Siphon Souls and you've got ways to deal with significant threats.
Have your own decks that you'd like to share? Use our deck builder and mark it as Tavern Brawl for others to see. Next time a brawl features deckbuilding, do this and you could be featured next!