It seems that Tavern Brawl is now "Closed For Renovations" after this last week. Normally, the sign mentions that the Tavern Brawl will return in 2 days and with The Grand Tournament being released soon, could this been hinting at a release date? There is an 8 hour maintenance for Hearthstone tomorrow in the NA region and with only 2 Tuesdays remaining in August, it has to be soon!

hearthstone screenshot 08-17-15 12.14.48.png

Zeriyah has clarified that Tavern Brawl will return as usual this Wednesday.

@CM_Zeriyah Uhmm why is tavern brawl "Closed for renovations"? Are mkore brawls being developed? When can we expect it ot be back?
.@SamanthaPetri Tavern Brawl will return as usual on Wednesday!

Edit: This Wednesday's Tavern Brawl will be a Grand Tournament match!
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A GLORIOUS Tavern Brawl Begins Wednesday!

Raise the banners and sound the trumpets—one of Azeroth’s grandest events is almost here. We’re celebrating this exciting occasion with a most GLORIOUS Tavern Brawl: the Grand Tournament Match!

Wednesday’s Grand Tournament Match features a thrilling Brawl between two potent forces. One, led by that mysterious master of magic, Medivh, will be packed with minions eager to heed your call to battle and power up with Inspire. Standing against them will be the mistress of the hunt, Alleria, along with a full cadre of master jousters who are poised to grow mighty with each contest won.


Starting Wednesday, just hop into Hearthstone, select Tavern Brawl, and play the Grand Tournament Match to get a taste of the fun that awaits you in the new expansion. Don’t dawdle, because this Brawl is only here until August 24.

After you’ve played the Brawl, join us to discuss your favorite The Grand Tournament cards and possible deck ideas on social media using the hashtag #TGT. You can also check out a preview of The Grand Tournament cards on our official Hearthstone Facebook page.

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After the reveal of the remaining The Grand Tournament Cards, Community Manager Whirthun has been answering questions on Twitter.

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Bolf Ramshield:
@CM_Whirthun Say you have Bolf Ramshield in play and your opponent does 30 to face in one swing. Does Bolf take 30 or do you take 21?
.@Pyrofoxable Bolf would absorb 30 damage.
@CM_Whirthun if you have Bolf Ramshield and get pyroblasted to the face do you take 1 damage or does he soak the full 10 damage?
.@kieran639 Bolf absorbs all 10 of the damage from Pyroblast.
.@bdbrode Divine Shield functions as it normally would on Bolf in that it absorbs a single source of damage and pops.

Spellshow Spelleater:
@CM_Whirthun Wait, so does Sideshow Spelleater do the effect once or does it overwrite your hero power for a new one?
.@CopilotUltimate Sideshow Spelleater changes your Hero Power for the duration of the match.
Also does Sideshow Spelleater copy non-base Hero Powers? Buffed by Justicar Trueheart? Shadowform, Die Insect, Lightning Jolt? @CM_Whirthun
@CM_Whirthun will Sideshow Spelleater be usable in naxx/brm? I wanna have some fun!
.@justjoeo_ Sideshow Spelleater does not copy Hero Powers from adventure bosses.

Other Cards:
@CM_Whirthun how much does the Squire from Recruiter cost?
.@Venku628 It's one mana for a 2/2 Squire.
@CM_Whirthun Can Justicar upgrade hero powers gained via Spelleater?

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@CM_Whirthun Do the "Druid of the "Animal"" minions reduce the cost of "Knight of the Wild" when they transform?
@CM_Whirthun Does the Darnassus Aspirant's Battlecry give an excess mana card if you play it at 10 mana?

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@CM_Whirthun does the Bear Trap Bear intercept the attacking minion?
.@K4T4N4 No. Bear Trap creates an Ironfur Grizzly after the attack concludes.

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@CM_Whirthun Sideshow Spelleater: If my Mage opponent has Fallen Hero and Maiden of the Lake, do I get a 1 cost 2 damage Hero Power?
.@Shizowned You get the default Hero Power, so 2 mana for 1 damage.
@CM_Whirthun Does Dalaran Aspirant's ability stack? So if it survives can you keep gaining 1 spellpower every turn?

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@CM_Whirthun For Enter the Coliseum, how are ties managed? All destroyed? All survive? #TGT
.@racecarzero In the case of ties, Enter the Coliseum selects one minion from each side to survive.
@CM_Whirthun What happens if you use "Enter the Coliseum" and the opponent's board minions all have the same attack value?
.@6Jarv9 All but one will be destroyed.
@CM_Whirthun Does competitive spirit trigger if your board is empty at the start of your turn?
.@6Jarv9 Nope. Competitive Spirit will not activate unless you have at least one minion on the board.

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@CM_Whirthun Does Shadowfiend reduce the cost of the card drawn, or reduce its own cost when you draw a card?
.@ZerotioHS Shadowfiend reduces the cost of the card drawn while it's in play.

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@CM_Whirthun Is ambush automatically played like Iron Juggernaut's mine or does the player have to play it himself?
.@fenom23 Automatically played, much like Iron Juggernaut's mine.
I'll look into getting the actual card art but Beneath the Ground's Ambush is 'summon a 4/4 Nerubian for your opponent. Draw a card'.

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@CM_Whirthun Would The Mistcaller come on the board as a 5/5?
@CM_Whirthun Will mistcaller give boom bot's +1 +1
.@Lil_League No. Mistcaller buffs minions, not cards created by minions.
@CM_Whirthun can cards buffed by Mistcaller be silenced?

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@CM_Whirthun can Void Crusher destroy itself with its inspire effect?
.@lightsoutHS Yeah, Void Crusher can absolutely destroy himself, which seems like a pretty poor decision.
@CM_Whirthun Fist of Jaraxxus get's burned by fel reaver, it still does dmg?