Who is the Ultimate Boss?

This week's Tavern Brawl is Boss Battle Royale! Find out which Adventure Boss would win in the ultimate Boss Battle. 


You will be assigned a boss based on which class you choose. The bosses are using their Adventure mode hero power and each deck will contain the same collectable and uncollectable cards from Adventure mode. 

We've added some tips when facing each boss.

  • Druid - Razorgore. Hero Power: The Rookery

    • Each turn, Razorgore may summon another egg using his hero power and buff the rest of his eggs with by one health.

    • When playing against Razorgore, the goal is to keep his eggs under control and never let them hatch. 

    • As each egg starts with 3 health, the first egg will hatch after your second turn. 

  • Hunter - Skelesaurus Hex. Hero Power: Ancient Power

    • Skelesaurus Hex's hero power may cause large swings in the game because the cards drawn from his hero power cost 0. 

    • Hope for a Tirion Fordring or Ysera from the cards you get, and hope your opponent gets a bunch of low cost minions.

  • Mage - Curator. Hero Power: Gallery Protection

    • As you can't trade with The Curator's minions, you will want to go aggro or hard control depending on your boss.

    • A lot of Curator's cards summon random minions, so there's a large amount of RNG deciding who will win or not.

    • Spells are useful for clearing The Curator's board.

    • The Curator usually runs out of steam pretty quickly, so focus on surviving first.

  • Paladin - White King. Hero Power: Castle

    • You'll be using the standard chess pieces versus a regular deck.

    • As your opponent can directly target and focus down your minions, it is difficult to win with this deck.

    • The White Queen is the best card in  your deck, but costs a lot of mana. If you hold out to try to play this, the game might already be over!

  • Priest - Gothik the Harvester. Hero Power: Harvest

    • Gothik will always have a large amount of cards because of his Hero Power. 

    • The main threat of Gothik are the ghostly minions that are summoned on your board, when his minions die.

  • Rogue - Grobbulus. Hero Power: Poison Cloud

    • Try to avoid having your minions able to be killed by Grobbulus' hero power when you trade.

    • Playing large creatures that aren't going to be too affected by his poison cloud will be your best option.

  • Shaman - Lady Nazjar. Hero Power: Pearl of the Tides

    • Lady Nazjar will have a huge advantage with her hero power. She will always be able to dictate the trades before her hero power evolves her minions (and giving them full health).

    • A large portion of this battle comes down to the RNG evolves as who knows what could show up at the end of her turn.

  • Warrior - The Grim Guzzler. Hero Power: Pile On!!!

    • Coren Direbrew has a collection of large minions that he's able to summon early with his hero power.

    • If your boss doesn't have large minions, you'll have to find a way to deal with them.

    • Watch out for Coren's signature combo: Dark Iron Bouncer and Brawl as he'll always come out ahead.

  • Warlock - Noth the Plaguebringer. Hero Power: Raise Dead

    • Play aggresive versus Noth the Plaguebringer. His hero power provides lots of value as he clears the board, but it's only a 1/1 skeleton per minion which will help over time.

    • Watch out for Plague as it will wipe your board and give Noth a lot of skeletons.





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What's the next Tavern Brawl?

Only Blizzard knows, but we found updates to Tavern Brawl cards and new chalkboards in the Gadgetzan patch that may hint at future releases.

Why isn't the Brawl live in Europe?

The Tavern Brawl release schedule has changed! Check the list below to find the release time for your region.

  • Americas: Wed 9:00 AM PST
  • China: Wed 1:00 PM PST (Thu 5:00 AM CST)
  • Korea/Taiwan: Wed 1:00 PM PST (Thu 6:00 AM KST)
  • Europe: Wed 1:00 PM PST (Wed 10:00 PM CET)