This week's Tavern Brawl is Pick a Hand, Any Hand. You will create a 7 card deck with the remaining 23 cards being Unstable Portals. Your opening hand will always contain a subset of the 7 cards that you select. Afterwards, the remaining cards are shuffled with the Unstable Portals.


You will have a high likelihood of getting a near optimal starting hand, since you're only drawing from a pool of 7 cards before Turn 1 begins.

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Sorcerer's Apprentice will reduce the cost of all the Unstable Portals and Mana Wyrm will gain an Attack for every Unstable Portal played. It's a great combo!

For the history of Tavern Brawls, check out our guide!


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Why isn't the Brawl live in Europe?

The Tavern Brawl release schedule has changed! Check the list below to find the release time for your region.
  • Americas: Wed 9:00 AM PST
  • China: Wed 1:00 PM PST (Thu 5:00 AM CST)
  • Korea/Taiwan: Wed 1:00 PM PST (Thu 6:00 AM KST)
  • Europe: Wed 1:00 PM PST (Wed 10:00 PM CET)
What's the next Tavern Brawl?

Only Blizzard knows, but we found some cards for future Tavern Brawls in the last patch.