Warcraft fan but new to Hearthstone? Our Class Overviews will help you make the move.

Hearthhead's last major content push was the addition of the new Top Decks section on the front page which includes dynamic deck list and guides for more than 20 of the most relevant archetypes at the moment. Today, we're back with another such effort: Class Hubs. Over the past week or so we've been releasing Class Overviews for each of the nine Hearthstone classes aimed at acclimatizing new or returning players. In addition, any World of Warcraft players will find information about how the classes translate over to Hearthstone.

We believe that these are a great place to start when you're looking for basic information about the Hearthstone classes. From our experience, new players tend to get overwhelmed by the number of classes when they just start playing. They don't know the play style of each one of them, so they have a hard time picking the one that fits them. This resource should be a perfect way to resolve that issue. That said, more intermediate players might also learn a thing or two, especially about the classes they haven't played a lot.

What you'll find in each Class Overview and Guide:

  • Class Background - Mostly includes bits of lore and some information about how the class is played in World of Warcraft (yes, it's that Hearthstone-based MMO).

  • Themes and Mechanics - Each class has some unique themes and mechanics. Starting with the Hero Power, we try to talk about the "class identity" - what kind of cards the class was getting in the past and what can we expect in the future.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses - Each class is good at a few things and bad at others. We try to identify those and explain why that is the case. These might change a bit with the release of the new expansion (especially weaknesses, which are often patched up), but most of them should still stay true when we're talking about the class' core.

  • Meta Decks and Strategies - We identify the meta decks each class can use right now. Each of the strategies is explained, with the basic strategy and core cards identified. Also, each of those has a link to a full deck list, most likely with a guide (we're only missing guides for the few unpopular choices like Secret Hunter). This section will be updated every time the meta shifts significantly, so mostly between the expansions.

  • Level-Up Rewards - List of the Basic cards that are rewarded for leveling the class up to level 10. Useful for players who are just starting to play a given class.

Coming Soon:

  • Basic and Budget Decks - We're currently in the middle of writing the Basic and Budget deck guides for each of the classes. Right now only the Druid is finished, with Basic Ramp Druid and Budget Jade Druid. We should get the rest of the guides up as soon as possible!


Here are the links to our Class Overviews. If you're curious about which decks are included in each one of them, they've been placed in brackets.


We feel that we've covered most of the information about each of the classes, but if you think that we're missing something, let us know. This isn't just a one-time push, we'll get these updated every expansion, so our goal is to make them as good as possible.