The winter game boards have arrived, now go spread cheer!

The holiday season is here and it's only appropriate that you also share some of that happiness with your Hearthstone opponents. We've put together a few winter and holiday themed decks of varying seriousness for you to take to the ladder. Might want to do yourself a favor though and play these in Casual first.

Back to TopAggro Freeze Mage - Holiday 2016

We kick things off with the least gimmicky deck. Winter is all about enjoying the snow and cold weather. This lets you do exactly that before warming things up by the fire with more fire.

Back to TopSavjz' Mill Rogue - Holiday 2016

Ah, the gift of giving. Rogue loves giving the opponent so many gifts that they can't hold them all.

Back to TopRanduin - Holiday 2016

Everybody likes opening presents, right? Anduin really loves a good surprise.

Back to TopGrinch Priest - Holiday 2016

Be a grinch. Don't let the enemy do anything and steal everything for yourself before turning good into bad by killing them with healing damage.

For added effect make sure to equip your favorite seasonal card back! We recommend Winter Veil Wreath, Icecrown, and BlizzCon 2015!