Send your Hearthstone opponents to sleep with the fishes.

Sleep with the Fishes was clearly designed with Grim Patron Warrior in mind. Thankfully, at least in the eyes of some players, those days are behind us. But for an archetype that loved to have lots of injured three health minions on the board at the same time, this card very clearly counters a large portion of that deck.

For each week's Fun Card Friday, we'll be selecting one underutilized card and create a fun and interesting deck with it. We make no promises that it'll actually take you to Legend though.

We highly encourage you to make your own decks based off of each week's cards and submit them in the comments section.

This Week's Card Is: Sleep with the Fishes

Despite the passing of Patron Warrior, there's got to be some deck in which Sleep with the Fishes still functions as an important part of the deck, right?

We set our mind to exactly that and ended up with a list that focuses on numerous Whirlwind effects combined with minions and spells that synergize well with that effect.

At first, we had a lot of Taunts such as Alley Armorsmith and Bloodhoof Brave. While they certainly helped us stay alive and gave us something to do in the early game, they weren't nearly impactful enough and were subsequently replaced with more card draw in the form of Acolyte of Pain.

Honestly, there might be a better card out for this deck there than Grimy Gadgeteer. It feels a little out of place at first glance, but we took comfort in the fact that it can buff up the more important cards that we really need to do well while also giving us something to play alone on turn four.

Deck: Whirlwind Warrior - Fun Card Friday

Back to TopWhirlwind Effects

Whirlwind - The original card after which the Whirlwind mechanic which the effect takes its name from. Cheap activation of other minions and functions as removal for one health minions.

Revenge - Gives you another option for Whirlwind, but it also clears bigger minions when you find yourself low on health.

Sleep with the Fishes - Combines surprisingly well with an undamaged Frothing Berserker!

Ravaging Ghoul - Board presence, board clear, and activation.

Back to TopSynergistic Minions

Armorsmith - A good minion to play early on that helps with survival.

Frothing Berserker - Our main win condition. Don't just chuck these onto the board.

Axe Flinger - Good at chip damage, especially with how many Whirlwind effects we have.

Acolyte of Pain - More card draw!

Grim Patron - More minions = angrier Berserkers.

Back to TopSynergistic Spells

Battle Rage - This is essentially an aggressive combo deck, so we really need our hand to be significant at all times.

Commanding Shout - Helps you keep your board alive while clearing your opponent's.

Execute - Required removal to help get rid of large minions that would otherwise lose you the game.

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No gameplay this week folks. We apologize.