Strifecro and Fr0zen coach players this week.

Skype Hearthstone Academy is now approaching its second round of action after debuting last week. Described as a "coaching based tournament" hosted by Skype and One Nation of Gamers, viewers are encouraged to discuss the event through Skype by adding the ID “GamingWithSkype” which the coach will monitor to answer comments and questions.

According to the organizers, participants are  eligible for streamed coaching sessions. Both Zalae and Kolento gave two one-hour lessons and a before and after match between the trainees so they could see how they've improved.

Week two starts tomorrow December 13 and continues on December 15. Both will take place at 6PM Eastern with Fr0zen and StrifeCro as coaches and TJ and Chakki casting. You can tune in for yourself on the One Nation of Gamers Twitch channel.

ONOG reports that 1500 Hearthstone players that have joined the Academy with approximately 43,000 lines of chat generated since the beginning of the campaign. The event's conclusion takes place from December 19-21 and will have the coaches take part in a mini-team tournament where each coach and their student will take on the rest of the group.

Missed the first week? No big deal. We have some highlights where you can brush up on your Hearthstone strategies and interactions so you don't feel like there's a lesson to catch up on.

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