Tired of Jade Druid? Here's your tech card.

Mike Donais has mentioned a counter to Jade Druid in Knights of the Frozen Throne a few times already. Tonight is the night where that promise is finally fulfilled. Meet Skulking Geist, a 6-Cost 4/6 that destroys all 1-Cost spells in both player's hands and decks. Goodbye Jade Idol. Goodbye, Evolve. Get rid of Priest's Power Word: ShieldPotion of Madness, and Pint-Size Potion.

The stakes are even higher in Wild where all Paladin secrets are destroyed alongside the Hall of Fame spells - Ice LanceConceal, and Power Overwhelming.

Keep in mind that this only affects 1-Cost spells, not minions. Your Mana Wyrms and N'Zoth's First Mates are safe.

It is worth noting that some opponents would welcome the removal of low-cost minions, helping them ensure their late game cards are drawn instead. In other matchups, Skulking Geist can an overcosted, vanilla card due to no 1-Cost cards existing in your opponent's deck. Control Paladin, Secret Mage, and other decks don't even run spells at that mana cost.

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