J4CKIECHAN is known throughout the Hearthstone community for creating unique and interesting decks. Oftentimes they aren't the most competitive or require so much skill that the average player really can't expect to see success with them. However, one of his most recent endeavors, Yogg Druid really took off and now reigns as one of the top decks in the current meta. It's not every day that an innovator like him gets to compete in a professional Hearthstone tournament, but he did exactly that this past weekend at SeatStory Cup V.

Alongside him we saw the usual competitors including Ostkaka, Thijs, Lifecoach, and many more. It was a really fun tournament to observe and a huge part of that was the variety of decklists that were prepared. We're taking a look at five in particular that stood out to us.

Back to Top Frodan's SeatStory V Concede Shaman

Frodan failed to make the Top 8 at SeatStory, but his Concede Shaman was easily the biggest story on Day 1 of the competition. Featuring rarely seen cards like Bog Creeper and Earth Elemental, most players couldn't muster up enough damage to deal with all of his threats and still manage to win the game.

Back to Top Frodan's SeatStory V Yogg+Illidan Druid

Yogg Druid is pretty common these days. But Yogg Druid with Illidan Stormrage? Not so much. This list is super greedy, also running Sea Giant and Emperor Thaurissan.

Back to Top J4CKIECHAN's SeatStory V Control Shaman

We weren't sure whether or not we wanted to include J4CHIECHAN's version of Control Shaman since it's pretty similar to Frodan's version. And on top of that he's publicly said that the Frost Giants are probably too greedy and should be replaced with Bog Creepers. But the card that really set it apart was Faceless Shambler, which is incredibly eager, but we suppose a Shaman could get away with it.

Back to Top Thijs' SeatStory V Yogg-less Token Druid

How about Yogg Druid without the Yogg? Thijs favors Onyxia over the randomness that comes with Yogg-Saron, Hope's End.

Back to Top J4CHIECHAN's SeatStory V Dragon Warlock

Out of everything, this was probably the most unexpected deck that saw play. Warlock is not typically a class you associate with Dragons, and yet here J4CHIECHAN is running it. While it does utilize some of the early game class minions and spell removal, it's mostly made up of the usual core of dragons. Heck, he even chooses to use Sunwalker!

Back to Top Orange's SeatStory V Aggro Zoolock

At first glance this is your run-of-the-mill Zoolock decklist, but look closer and you'll notice a few notable inclusions: Lance Carrier and Wrathguard. Talk about aggression.