When Standard first launched, there were a lot of cards we were glad to say goodbye to. Dr. Boom, Piloted Shredder, Mad Scientist, the list goes on for a good while. But what we didn't even really think about were the cards that we had actually come to enjoy seeing in play. And they weren't even necessarily cards that were all that great. Maybe they just fill an interesting niche or have a unique mechanic. Goblins vs. Gnomes and Curse of Naxxramas may now be behind us, but these cards will live on in our hearts...and Wild.

Back to Top6. Shieldmaiden

When discussing this card, we had to decide whether or not we actually missed the effect. We don't. But what we would happily do is trade this for Ancient Shieldbearer. Ten armor across two cards doesn't feel too bad, 20 armor just hurts us inside.

Back to Top5. Mal'Ganis

Though it was always somewhat annoying to see a board of 1/1s turn into 3/3s thanks to Mal'Ganis. In a world where we don't have to worry about Imp-losion, it doesn't actually seem all that bad. More than anything though we miss the invulnerability that he brought to the table. It's a unique aura that we may not see again for quite some time.

Back to Top4. Mechanical Yeti

Probably one of the better balanced Mech cards ever released, we just love the simplicity Mechanical Yeti presents. Sure the Spare Parts add an element of RNG to each match, but most of the time they were inconsequential and just a cool way of injecting a little variation into each match.

Back to Top3. Lightbomb

We're sure we aren't alone on this one. Priest players have been suffering since the dawn of Standard and the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. One of the least played and toting the lowest win-rate (according to official Chinese data), it could really use the Lightbomb to help deal with all the Midgame pressure that's so common right now.

Back to Top2. Loatheb

Similarly to Mal'Ganis, we miss Loatheb's spell countering effect. Though the Troggs never really saw play in Constructed, there are very few cards that are designed to slow down or stop some of the spell wielding juggernauts out there. Granted his main prey: the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo no longer exists in the form it used to, there are still plenty of other spells out there that could use delaying. Looking at you Call of the Wild.

Back to Top1. Death's Bite

Fiery War Axe is fantastic, there's no disputing that, but Death's Bite felt like its brother in arms. Without it, Warrior feels like it's lacking in the four mana spot. Sure its departure has opened up space for other cards including the return of Arcanite Reaper, but Death's Bite will probably remain one of our favorite weapons ever released in Hearthstone.