Patch notes for today's website update.

Normally we save posts about updates to Hearthhead for our weekly Hearthstone Headlines post, but we've just pushed a significant build live and wanted to share everything that has been improved on!

Back to TopNew Font

One of the first complaints to come from the launch of our new design was about the readability of articles. Some complained the font was too wispy and as a result could be a bit straining, if not hard, to read. We've acquired a better version of the font that is more solid and has a bit more breathing room. 

Before After


Back to TopUpdating the Card Database

In short, we've spent a lot of time upgrading our card database and the tool we use to get information from Hearthstone. Before the end of the month and the ever important release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, we will have everything in our database up to date. This also comes with some other good news in that we'll be able to generate card art at a much higher quality and resolution.

Back to TopTooltips

Card tooltips are back! Now in comments and in articles you can see exactly which cards someone is referencing without having to click through to the page unless you want to go discuss it.

Here! Give it a shot with Babbling BookReno JacksonInkmaster Solia or on another article. These will take some time to propagate as the update takes effect, please be patient.

Back to TopDisabling the Old Hearthhead

We left the old Hearthhead live just in case things went poorly with the launch of the new Hearthhead so users could return if they needed to find more information. Unfortunately, there have been a plethora of issues with the old site, ones that we simply can't justify spending a significant amount of time fixing. We understand the frustration of users that opted into staying back on that site, especially any of the localized users (thanks, Russian community), but it's really a bad experience at the moment with everything that broke in the transition.

Because of all this, we have shut it down. This will allow us to focus exclusively on the new site and free up resources from Wowhead that were previously allocated to running the old site.

We're aware that this leaves certain parts of our database uncovered (bosses, card backs, etc), and we're working towards getting that all back on the site.

In addition, localization will be coming to the new Hearthhead, but it's a massive undertaking and we're not yet ready to provide a timeline on that.

Back to TopMy Collection

A lot of you have been clamoring for the return of My Collection. Well, we're happy to let you know that it's officially coming soon.

We're working on getting it ready for release and you can expect to have it by the end of the month, just in time for the next expansion!

Back to TopPatch Notes

Tl;dr? This is what changed today:

  • We've disabled the old site now that the new one is sufficiently stable.
  • After complaints about readability, we've updated the body font to be thicker and have a bit more breathing room.
  • Updated card database support.
    • We've spent significant time upgrading the way our card database is handled.
    • In the near future, all cards will be up to date.
    • This will allow us to generate larger and higher resolution card images.
  • Card tooltips have returned.
    • Not sure what a card is? Now you just have to hover over the link and it'll pop up right on the page.


Thanks for your continued support and we're very much excited to start delivering more features into your hands in the next weeks.