Shtan talks about his trip to the Bahamas.

In what has ended up being a tournament full of game sevens, it's only fitting that the HCT Winter Championship finalists of Fr0zen and ShtanUdachi found themselves tied 3 - 3 after the first six games. In the end, Russian player Shtan ended up on top and addressed the media.

Known for his innovative decks, he reversed course and went with a selection that's much more standard including Pirate Warrior. He explains that he had to do so because of Conquest, patch timing, and the format.

"This tournament is happening several months after the last patch so the meta is a little stale. Everyone knows what the good decks are and all the best decks are already created."

He continues, "Also this tournament's format was seven games which is a lot, so you have to create five decks. For smaller tournaments, I could be a little more creative and bring some decks that counter specific opponents.

"Conquest format - where you have to win with each deck - also creates this situation," Shtan adds. "If you didn't have to win with each deck you could be a little more creative with what you bring."

Confident in his statements, Shtan sounds really proud of what he's accomplished.

"This is actually the first big event that I'm in and also one of my first trips this far away from home - and into such a nice setting. I have lots of impressions. Winning today is the biggest one of them, but also the environment and hanging out with all the other players.

"My main goal was accomplished, I was going to BlizzCon already, but there was a bit of psychological pressure because I was representing Europe, my friends, and my fans put a lot of faith if me in that regard.

The Winter Champion will certainly be celebrating tonight, but he admits that he can't go too crazy, after all, he has a long flight tomorrow.

"It's going to be a very tiresome 30-hour flight so it's really hard to imagine the change, I think I'll first take a couple of days to relax and get enough sleep, we'll see [what I end up doing]after that.

"I'll actually put this money away for now," saying he's going to wait until BlizzCon to touch the money.

"I got enough points to participate in the Spring Preliminaries so I'll be doing that and I'll be looking forward to BlizzCon and playing to keep myself in shape."

You can catch pictures from the finals on our Facebook page.