We get a little sneaky with Rogue's Shadow Sensei.

Outside of Miracle Rogue, Stealth isn't nearly as important as it once was. Midrange Druids used to rely on the ever growing strength of Shade of Naxxramas to pose an imminent, growing threat which was extremely dangerous in combination with Force of Nature and Savage Roar. We revisit the keyword with our good friend Shadow Sensei to see what can be accomplished.

For each week's Fun Card Friday, we'll be selecting one underutilized card and create a fun and interesting deck with it. We make no promises that it'll actually take you to Legend though.

We highly encourage you to make your own decks based off of each week's cards and submit them in the comments section.

This Week's Card Is: Shadow Sensei

Shadow Sensei is a good card to start off a deck with. Because it requires synergy with other Stealth minions, this helps shapes the deck. There aren't a ton of these currently, especially in Standard, so we once again returned to the jungle that is Wild to revisit some old friends.

With time, the number of relevant cards is sure to grow and it'll be interesting to see decks exactly like this finally have enough substance to be an actual deck.

As it stands we're very much in experimental territory. There's really no way this deck is great at higher ranks outside of taking your opponent's by surprise.

Deck: Shadow Sensei Rogue - Fun Card Friday

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Shadow Sensei - The entire point of us having a Stealth deck.

Jade Swarmer - One of the highest value Stealth minions in the game, as such, we've had to incorporate aspects of the Jade Golem archetype.

Shaku, the Collector - Shaku is currently only run in some Miracle Rogue decks, but the potential to play him on Turn 3 followed by Shadow Sensei led us to include him.


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Gilblin Stalker - Solid two drop that has the Stealth we require.

Shade of Naxxramas - Druid's old friend! We'll take it as an added threat.

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Jade Shuriken - Direct damage is really crucial for this deck that really struggles to get going again once it falls behind.

Aya Blackpaw - The leader of the Jade Golems only takes up one card slow and helps us get our maximum golem power up to a 6/6.

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We also found that a lot of the stronger, cheaper minions that we wanted to use were Pirates, so why not try out One-Eyed Cheat. Fun fact, he's one of the reasons, the other being Ship's CannonPatches the Pirate wasn't released sooner than he was.

Swashburglar - Something to play early in the game that gives you a little more ammunition.

One-eyed Cheat - Play this on Turn 2 and the resulting Patches will give it Stealth. Keep it up for chip damage over time.

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Gadgetzan Auctioneer - Card draw is a problem for this deck, so there's no way we aren't running two Auctioneers.

Eviscerate - We stressed the importance of direct damage earlier, this is no exception.

Backstab - Removes early minions that pose a threat to your board control. Also, synergizes with Auctioneer.

Tomb Pillager - One of Rogue's most solid minions, The Coin - you got it - synergizes with Auctioneer.

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No gameplay this week folks. We apologize.