For the new player, there are a bunch of features in Hearthstone that aren't clearly explained or are never presented to you. The only way you might know is from a friend or browsing the Internet. Some are obviously more important from others and they range from simple quality of life details to things you really need to be made aware of. So regardless of your experience, let's check out some of the more important ones.

Back to Top7. Buying More Than One Pack at a Time

You're sitting on a pile of gold and ready to buy a ton of packs from the latest expansion. But going to the shop is a pain since the only way you can buy packs with gold is one at a time. Right? Wrong actually. If you click on the 1 Pack button again, you'll be prompted to enter the number of packs you desire. Assuming you have the gold, once you hit okay it'll automatically grant you the packs and take your gold.

Certainly saves a ton of effort.


Back to Top6. Seeing Your Ranked Percentile

The ranked system has been highly criticized, largely because there used to be no way of knowing how you stack up to the rest of the server (aside from that simple number). But what if you want to know how well you're doing? Luckily Blizzard has hidden away a popup that tells you what percentile you're in. All you have to do is go to the Quest Log and hover over your ranked emblem. Whereas when ranked seasons first began it would just tell you what your next rank was, now it gives you this neat little bit of information that might give you a chance to brag to your friends. It's a heck of a lot easier than saying, "Oh man, I made it to Silvermoon Guardian!" Now you can just tell them you're better than roughly half of everyone in the United States.


Back to Top5. Filtering Your Golden Cards

Just like everyone else, you've probably tried to type in "Gold" or "Golden" to filter your card collection down to just the golden versions. Sadly this isn't possible, but the next best thing is. To do this, you want to open up your collection, click Crafting, and then check that little box next to Show Only Golden Cards.

Your golden cards will appear in full color with the ability to right click to either disenchant or craft another (assuming you haven't already reached the maximum number). Anything that has a blue tint to it can be crafted with your current amount of dust and anything that's completely grey and sunken into the background is too expensive for you to craft at the moment.


Back to Top4. Searching by New

Once your collection starts to get large, it can be a pain to flip through page upon page looking for that one new card you got from your latest pack. Recently Blizzard added the ability to type in "New" into the Search Bar and have all of those come up for you. They'll even stay until you clear the search parameters!

Update: You can also type "New!" with the exclamation point to weed out the cards with 'new' in the text. Thanks to Sidhenidon for pointing that out.


Back to Top3. Promo Cards

Back when Hearthstone was in its early stages, Blizzard created some promotional cards that you might have seen played before. These include Elite Tauren Chieftain and Gelbin Mekkatorque who can now only be crafted and can not be obtained in the golden form. The former was only available to those who purchased a virtual or physical ticket to Blizzcon 2013, the latter a reward gained by buying something from the Hearthstone Shop during Beta. Both can now only be crafted, in their regular form, from the Reward tab of the collection viewer when crafting is enabled.

Others like Captain's Parrot and Old Murk-Eye are only given to you when you've collected all of the Pirates and Murlocs, respectively from the Basic and Classic sets. Golden versions can be obtained by having all of those same cards in gold.


Back to Top2. Achievements

Though there's absolutely zero ways to find out these exist or check your progress in game, there are actually a slew of achievements in Hearthstone that net you noteworthy rewards. The developer has promoted the heck out of ones like Android Phone which earn you a pack for playing on a new platform, but others like Crushed Them All! and Big Winner are never actually conveyed to you.

Back to Top1. Rerolling Your Quests

I'd like to say it was about two or three months after I started playing before one of my friends mentioned rerolling his quest. Up until that point, as far as I had known, you were just stuck with what you got each day. When I found out that all you had to do was click the little red box on the quest you no longer wanted I was dumbfounded. With this you can always try to upgrade those annoying 40 gold quests (one per day) into something more worth your time and earn even more cards!


If you have any that you'd like to highlight or share with your fellow Hearthhead viewers, feel free to share them in the comments below.