The Jade Lotus has arrived!

With the start of a new week, Blizzard has transitioned away from the Kabal and towards the Jade Lotus. We have a bunch of new cards revealed because of this including details on the new Jade Golem keyword. As it turns out, the way Jade Golem works is that it grows in power each time you summon it. So the first time it's a one mana 1/1, then a two mana 2/2, all the way up to a ten mana 30/30! See the gif below in the blue post for an example.


Discuss this card. Discuss this card. Discuss this card.


Discuss this card. Discuss this card. Discuss this card.


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As per usual, Blizzard has also posted a new reveal schedule and turned on the voting for this week's endorsement card. Last week's was never revealed after the community failed to fill the bar in time.


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Secrets of the Jade Lotus

Ah, excellent, you have received our message. We are the Jade Lotus, and most denizens of Gadgetzan think us criminals. We are so much more than mere thieves and assassins. Come, I will show you.

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Most of our “family” is made up of pandaren, hozen, mantid, jinyu—even virmen—who came from the distant shores of Pandaria. We have found disciples here, teaching our ways to eager new students. We are Rogues, Druids, and Shaman. We own the shadows, we command ancient spirits, and we bend the forces of nature to our will. We involve ourselves in the petty conflict that divides this city only for as long as it will take to remove those who stand against us.


In taverns, alleyways, and tea houses throughout Gadgetzan, the foolish whisper fearfully about the mysterious Jade Lotus. They say we lurk in every shadow. They speak of strange magic never seen before. They do not understand us because our motives are not like theirs. Our one purpose in this city has been to acquire jade for our leader. Not for wealth. No, our secret lies in how the magic within these stones can be drawn forth to create Jade Golems, powerful living statues that do our bidding. Many of us have been granted trinkets that can summon these warriors in the blink of an eye. More impressive, each Jade Golem we summon arrives more powerful than the last. Soon we will unleash them upon Gadgetzan and our enemies will know what it is to face a truly unrelenting foe.


Until then, they frighten each other with stories of our leader, saying things such as, “Hey, watch yer back, or White Eyes’ll jump outta da shadows and getcha” with that ridiculous accent. Nonetheless, the rumors surrounding White Eyes are surprisingly close to the truth. He is a powerful warrior—we know him to be as immovable as a mountain and as pitiless as a storm—but the taletellers are missing one important detail. A secret most of our family does not even know. He is not the leader of the Jade Lotus. He’s merely a figurehead, and the real power behind the Jade Lotus comes in a smaller—though no less dangerous—form. . . .

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Aya Blackpaw is the last living heir of the wealthy Blackpaw family. Using the Gadgetzan Museum of Ancient Artifacts as her headquarters, and shrouding her activities behind her family’s reputation as generous philanthropists, she issues orders to us through her loyal bodyguard and servant, White Eyes. She is the true leader of the Jade Lotus.

Aya is youthful, energetic, and seemingly impulsive. That is a mask; in truth she is calculating, ruthless, and as hard as the jade we steal for her. Crucially, young Aya has the unique ability to create Jade Golems, and she is the source of the trinkets that so many of us carry. How she came by this incredible power is a mystery, though I swear I have seen her communing with the spirit of a Mogu king I could not name. Such a being must be most ancient indeed. 

However it was that she came by her gift, Aya has successfully created an army of Jade Golems. What task she intends for them, and for us, is a mystery . . . but the Jade Lotus will be ready.

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We were your shadow as you walked down filthy alleys with the aptly named Grimy Goons. We were listening as you endured the Kabal’s ceaseless, senseless babble. Now we reveal ourselves to offer you a place with the only current of true power running through this city. We are the Jade Lotus, and we are watching. When you return to your home, we have left a token—a gift—to remind you


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The battle for control of the city begins in early December, so we must make ready.

A cunning tactician knows the battlefield, so the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan must become as familiar to you as your reflection. A wise warrior prepares, so you may wish to pre-purchase a bundle of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards. With our might added to yours, we will be unstoppable.

Know yourself, and your enemies, by seeing all the new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards as they’re revealed.