Was Gadgetzan a shot in the arm for the Warrior spell?

When it comes to the release of a new Hearthstone set, everyone's first thought is how the meta will change. What decks will become stronger? What will get weaker as a result? Which of the new cards are good and which are bad? All of these are great questions and they're ones we've been trying to answer for you over the past few weeks. But what casual players frequently forget is that it also has a huge impact on minions and spells that have a random effect as well. Take Ironforge Portal for example. Sure everyone is currently obsessed with Pirate Warrior, but when you finally turn back to a more control heavy version of the class, how has one of your key cards changed as a result?

New Cards

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  • Lotus Illusionist - Turns into a random 6-Cost minion if it survives until your next turn and you attack face.
  • Jinyu Waterspeaker - Above average stats and you avoid paying the Overload fee.
  • Worgen Greaser - Lots of Attack, so even if it's weak, has the potential to be a problem and trade up.
  • Backroom Bouncer - Grows in Attack.
  • Grimy Gadgeteer - Buffs a random minion in your hand.
  • Daring Reporter - Grows into a 4/4 at the start of your opponent's turn and can keep going if not dealt with.


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Old Average

We're going to spare you too much math, but out of the previous 82 cards in Standard the average four drop was a 3.55/4.55.

Some other stats:

Mechanic Cards Odds
Taunt 8/82 9.8%
Charge 2/82 2.4%
Spell Damage 4/82 4.9%
Card Draw 2/82 2.4%
Deathrattle 9/82 10.1%
Inspire 5/82 6.1%

New Average

Combining all 18 of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan 4-Cost minions, the average comes out to 3.66/3.83. There is only one new card that fits into any of the previous categories and that is Genzo, the Shark in the form of card draw.


Understandably, this means that all of the usual mechanics that you might need to save the day have become less likely. In addition, the average minion is barely stronger and less healthy at a 3.57/4.42.

Here are your new averages for those same mechanics earlier:

Mechanic Cards Odds Change
Taunt 8/100 8.0% -1.8%
Charge 2/100 2.0% -0.4%
Spell Damage 4/100 4.0% -0.9%
Card Draw 3/100 3.0% +0.6%
Deathrattle 9/100 9.0% -1.1%
Inspire 5/100 5.0% -1.1%


Overall, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was rather kind to Ironforge Portal. Outside of slightly bringing down the average Health of a minion it summons, which isn't a big deal, its only main offense is making it less likely that you'll get Taunt or Charge, something you generally want as a Warrior. To be fair, Grimy Gadgeteer and Lotus Illusionist are both very good and their effects aren't reflected in the numbers. There's no easy way to quantify how the effect of each card actually changes the card's strength, but when a third of the new set is good and more than 70 percent of it is neutral or higher, we're willing to bet that it's perfectly fine and you really shouldn't be worried about it. There are no new bombs a la Faceless Shambler to worry about here and that's great news for Control Warriors.