Following the conclusion of the Hearthstone World Championship, we briefly caught up with Tempo Storm's Reynad to talk about casting the tournament and where Hearthstone stands now that League of Explorers is starting to roll out.

How was casting the championship?

It was good. There are definitely aspects of it [that] people don’t see that makes it harder of a job than I expected. We did a ten-hour rehearsal the day before BlizzCon, we did a fourteen hour shift the first day of BlizzCon, and even [the final day] ended up being maybe about eight hours. It’s just a lot of time that kind of takes away from the event if you’re working it. But still definitely enjoyable and rewarding and I might be back to do it in the future.

It certainly didn’t help that the series went to five games.

*sarcasm* Yeah, pretty unfortunate that games of Hearthstone are enjoyable to watch and close this year. Was hoping for some 3-0 Ragnaros the Firelord induced blowouts.

How does Hearthstone stand now that Warsong Commander is nerfed?

There’s never been more class diversity. The Warsong nerf was not because Patron Warrior was too good, it just happened because they were going to do it within a couple [of] months anyway because of future neutral cards they want to release. And if they were going to nerf it, they might as well have done it before the World Championship so that there was less Patron [being played] and there wouldn’t be such an uproar about the deck that the community thinks is broken actually winning.

Is Secret Paladin actually an issue?

No. How many Secret Paladins were there in the finals in this tournament? Secret Paladin is a deck that lets bad players beat worse players and that’s why everyone complains about it. Because that will cover about 95% of the playerbase on Reddit.

Does Hearthstone need more frequent changes?

I don’t think anyone will ever complain about too much content so I feel like the more they do the better.

Have you had a chance to look at new cards?

Yeah, I saw them a couple months ago, but they’ve changed a lot of them. Now all of them are out there and yeah, it’s cool. The Cartographer ( Elise Starseeker) is my favorite one. A lot of cool designs, I think a lot of cards will impact Constructed.

And do you think they'll actually help Shaman and Rogue?

Shaman got a sick one drop. That alone will help the deck so, so much. Tunnel Trogg is nuts.

The Rogue card that copies Deathrattles ( Unearthed Raptor) might be playable, the other ones not so much. Rogue didn’t get too much, I would say.

The Arena also got some attention, Warrior in particular.

Yeah! Yeah, I’m excited for that. The 3/4 Taunt for three ( Fierce Monkey) might also just be good in Constructed too. Those are good stats.