There's always something immensely enjoyable about taking newly released cards and bringing them back to a time before they existed. We did exactly this for three of the more infamous solo adventure bosses with a bunch of Grand Tournament cards. It's a blast to tackle them with a slew of new minions, spells, and win conditions.

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Back to Top Skiffington's Heroic Loatheb Paladin

You may remember the Heroic Loatheb challenge as the one with all the Spores. Dealing with early aggression and the consistent damage from his hero power is usually the biggest challenge. As such, we added TGT cards like Tuskarr Jouster, Refreshment Vendor, and Tournament Medic to keep you alive. Since all but two of his minions cost four or less mana, winning Jousts should really be no problem and they'll keep you from dying too soon.

Saboteur is a surprisingly good card in adventures so you'll probably see him in most future decks. In Loatheb's case, this forces him to decide between playing a bunch of cards or reducing his field presence for a hero power activation. Murloc Knight is simply a way to get more of a board presence before you ping off his Spores.

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Back to Top Skiffington's Heroic Grim Guzzler Hunter

We should preface this by informing you that this is not a cheap deck. 13,320 arcane dust to be exact. To be fair though, most of that is just shoving in expensive legendary minions for The Grim Guzzler to pull out of your deck.

There haven't been a ton of changes because of The Grand Tournament, but we did add in a few Bear Traps to help stall. Dreadscale and Acidmaw also made the cut, but the latter is far more influential. In just our second try, Coren Direbrew pulled out Acidmaw while we had two Explosive Traps in hand. When he decided not to clear it the turn it appeared, he had all but lost the game already. It's a neat win condition that actually makes the duo useful.

Back to Top Skiffington's Heroic Garr Priest

By far the hardest of the three, Heroic Garr obviously has a weakness to Mass Dispel. But even with that, the addition of TGT cards really help solidify your board presence while bolstering your health.

Since Firesworn deal damage based on how many of them die per turn, Flame Juggler is a neat way to get their health numbers to be uneven. If you don't draw Mass Dispel immediately, Saboteur is a very efficient way of stalling while you search for more healing.

Thankfully, cheap cards like Flash Heal and Power Word: Glory can help you through a rough early game or function as a win condition when Holy Champion is on the field. Maiden of the Lake makes sure you can hero power every turn and Tournament Medic lets you better allocate your resources. Need to heal a minion? Well you get to heal your face as well.

Admittedly Nexus-Champion Saraad never really did much but Kvaldir Raider is straight up the biggest threat in your deck.

Give these decks a try and then let us know how it went. If you want, come back with your own TGT adaptations that you've found bring the bosses to their knees. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go get my Nefarian card back.