A total of 45 new cards are being added with the release of the League of Explorers. Included in that are two commons and a rare for each of the respective classes. Today we're taking a look at the last group: Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior.

You'll begin seeing these on Thursday with the release of the Temple of Orsis wing which we preview here.

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As a one drop, Pit Snake might be an okay card. However, it's very fragile and can die to any damaging hero power in the game without much effort. The ways this card is most relevant is as to how it effects Webspinner and the upcoming Mounted Raptor which we talked about yesterday. Without the guaranteed value that comes with other one drops that are run like Leper Gnome, Worgen Infiltrator, and Zombie Chow, it's honestly a bit hard to see this being ran in any Constructed decks.

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The really cool thing about Unearthed Raptor is that it can copy any Deathrattle a friendly minion on the board currently has. And even if that's just the one from Piloted Shredder, it becomes a 3-Cost 3/4 that summons a random 2-Cost minion. Doesn't seem so bad, huh?

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Tomb Pillager is interesting in that it doesn't fit in any current Rogue decks that are run. (So basically Oil Rogue). But it does create some new possibilities. Kibler mentioned in his card review that playing this and getting a coin isn't so bad if it lets you get out Dr. Boom one turn earlier. From that perspective it doesn't seem too bad, but it is a bit lacking in the stats area only because four health doesn't get you very far these days.

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Back to Top Everyfin is Awesome

So this would be straight up broken in Paladin with Murloc Knight ramping up your Murloc production. In Shaman however, it's a little less broken but still has a ton of potential. As one of the classes that frequently looks to flood the board and then buff them with either Bloodlust or Thunder Bluff Valiant, it does fit the current theme of building up an army. The big thing to consider here is that while it is discounted for each Murloc in play, it buffs all minions on the field. That alone bumps it from a niche card to one that can succeed with relatively few Murlocs in the deck.

But where does this value start to be acceptable? Power of the Wild sets the standard at two mana to give every minion +1/+1. So four mana to double that seems to be what you're ideally aiming for. Even at that point it's not broken, but get it lower than that and you really start to talk about value. And this is mainly only considering the value of mana to stats. There's an entire other conversation to have regarding how many minions you have on the field.

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If this activated on Overload instead of Battlecry, we think there would be a much more positive reception to this. As it stands, Rumbling Elemental is already shortchanging you on one stat value (standard four drops give nine stats across attack and health), but there also aren't all that many minions with Battlecry that Shamans frequent playing. Most of the time you'll see Tuskarr Totemic and Fire Elemental with the occasional Fireguard Destroyer. And all of these can be played in combination as you'd always aim to do.

Think of it as a more resilient Flamewaker but with Battlecry functioning as its activate condition in a class where that is never really the main focus. Again, had we'd seen Overload this would easily be a fantastic card as there are lots of cheap options and potential combos that could have been.

Back to Top(Card #12890)

Speaking of cards related to Overload, Tunnel Trogg is Shaman's very own Mana Wyrm, and that's great! We'd expect to see this in any highly aggressive Shaman deck that runs Overloads, but much like Tempo Mage it will likely suffer from so much weight being put onto it. Start with Tunnel Trogg in your hand and you'll be rolling along pretty well, but miss that drop and it becomes a liability that you don't want to draw.

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Back to Top Curse of Rafaam

Tempo! Is spending two mana to cause your opponent two damage per turn (until they pay the two mana back) worth it? We're willing to bet the answer to that is no. This is likely Blizzard's attempt at testing out a new mechanic on a large scale before adjusting to feedback in the future. It's certainly not overpowered, but also not completely useless.

It's all so tough to judge because of the vast possibilities. If you Coin this out only to have them immediately play it, it was a waste of a card slot. There's pretty much an ideal time to play this and that's when you already have board pressure such that they don't feel inclined to simply rid themselves of the curse. Any time late game and they're really not going to care because of how much mana they have. That said, we'll see how it goes on the live servers.

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From a pure value stance, Dark Peddler is shortchanging you a stat point. It does however offer some interesting possibilities for smoothing out your curve. Don't have a three drop to play on Turn 3? Well now at the very least you can drop another two alongside the 1-Cost minion this gives you. We'll have a more in depth look at the RNG and stats behind this card at a later date, but in the mean time, this one doesn't look good enough to make the cut.

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The easiest way to go about activating this is to have two minions on the field and land a four on your Imp-losion. And that's a lot of conditions that must be met for this to be good. Until you reach that point Reliquary Seeker is just a dead card. And with Zoolock already struggling to come back when behind, this would only help to deepen that problem.

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Back to Top Cursed Blade

In no (regular) universe is Cursed Blade a good card. For one more mana you get Fiery War Axe which has one more attack and one less durability with none of the drawbacks. Unless there's some kind of hyper aggressive meta, this should never see play. And even then with a deck that only goes face, do you really want to be doubling the damage against yourself?

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A good vanilla three drop for Warriors! With the nerf to Fierce Monkey the only other class exclusive 3-Cost card you'll ever really see is Frothing Berserker and even then you don't want to actually play it on Turn 3 if it can be helped. That said, this common minion with good stats will be fantastic for Arena and may even see some play in Constructed.

Back to Top Obsidian Destroyer

We all live in the world of Big Game Hunter. Thanks to that Obsidian Destroyer should see next to no play in Constructed, but the good news is that this is a really solid, big body for Arena Warriors!

What are your thoughts on the cards we've discussed so far?

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