Latest report suggests nerfs are needed for Hearthstone's most powerful class.

The latest Data Reaper Report from Vicious Syndicate has landed and it comes bearing a tough pill to swallow. Despite all of the arguments to the contrary, including promised action from Blizzard if the problem gets too large, the Shaman class is really starting to look like a problem.

It's long been the go to class simply because it has had a favorable place in the meta for months on end. That alone will get it above a 50% win-rate which is all that is needed, theoretically, to climb the ranked ladder.

This is also the reason that most high Legend players, particularly those looking for a good finish for Hearthstone Championship Tour points have made it a habit of returning to the class and just grind away for hours, hoping for a good win streak that solidifies them a good finish.

Just take a look at what Vicious Syndicate had to say about the data.

"Since the Data Reaper project launched, we have not seen a more imbalanced representation of classes as we have seen this week. Shaman smashed the frequency records and climbed to 30% at all ranks, and 38% at legend," and that's just as the end of the month drew closer. When January 31 rolled around it had "surpassed the 40% mark, and during the last few hours before the ladder resets, Shaman numbers were nearing 60%."

That's a staggering amount of active players all playing the same two archetypes - Aggro Shaman and Mid-Jade Shaman and it certainly can't be healthy for the meta. Even if this is only for one day, it's telling that this is exactly how powerful the archetype is.

"These are dark times," Vicious Syndicate writes.

For more information on the current meta, head on over to their latest Data Reaper Report.