Back to Top Reno Jackson has taken the Hearthstone ladder by storm.

Play a few matches and chances are you'll run into a deck or two that are specifically built around him. And the best part? These decks span the entirety of the meta from Rank 20 all the way up to Legend.

Sure it can be annoying to push your opponent all the way down to the brink of defeat only to have them regain it all, but hey, it's made for some truly amazing moments.

Back to TopKibler's RenoLock

Want an example of a good Reno Jackson deck to run? Check out Brian Kibler's Finding Reno Warlock. Since Thursday, he's managed to climb all the way from Rank 6 up to the top 500 in Legend using exclusively this deck. A big part of it's advantage is that folks are unfamiliar with it and are therefore unsure how to play around that massive heal. Learn how to play it and you'll likely see success!

Back to TopKripp's FatWarrior Reno Deck

As one of the big proponants of Control decks, you very well knew Kripparrian would be giving Reno Jackson a shot. He opted to play in Warrior though which has a slightly different taste as he still opts to run more than one copy of some cards.

Back to TopWhoops

Just make sure that you don't have an Auchenai Soulpriest on the field...

Back to TopReno Reminders

Unlike most other Battlecry cards in the game, Reno Jackson will not glow when it's condition is met. You'll need to manually keep track of what is and isn't in your deck to truly know if he'll activate.

Why doesn't it? Well it turns out it takes a lot of computing power to constantly check whether every single card in your deck is unique.

@bdbrode Hey Ben! Are you planning to make Reno Jackson highlighted, once its Battlecry is "activated"? That would be so helpful...
@DeepDownMoria we'll look into it. Not as easy to do as the others so not sure when.

@Arkham_escapee we have to consistently check board state for other cards like that. Reno compares every card in deck with every other one.

@Arkham_escapee it's puts a lot of load on the servers to do the operation hundreds of times a game to make sure it's correctly colored.
@Arkham_escapee still probably doable but we can't just do it the way we did the others.

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Share some of your own creations in the comments below. Here are three of the most popular among our community at the moment!