Don't dust those cards too soon!

One Hearthstone player received a rude awakening on Reddit after disenchanting their Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and only receiving 400 Arcane Dust.

"After disenchanting Yogg-Saron, Hope's End I only got 400 dust back," user DearFutureHistorians posts. "After seeing the nerf I thought Yogg wouldn't see much play so I decided to disenchant him. I was expecting the full refund of 1600 dust but instead, I only got 400 dust back.

"When did Blizzard change this?"

They haven't. DearFutureHistorians is just one of the many inevitable players that disenchant their cards the second they see nerfs announced. Unfortunately, that's not how the game works. Because the patch making the change isn't live yet, you aren't eligible to receive a full dust refund.

UPDATE: The patch is live, feel free to dust your cards now!

Blizzard has said the changes will go live in the 6.1.3 update, which should be before the Last Call events for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. It takes place on October 8.

When changes are made to cards, Blizzard gives a full dust refund for a limited amount of time. In this round, nearly half the cards are from the Basic set and therefore you will not receive any kind of compensation. For those that are not, however, we highly recommend disenchanting them. If the cards no longer see play you're able to convert them into any other card of equal rarity. If they do, you can always just craft them again.

Here's what you can expect:


And if you plan on opening TGT, Old Gods, or Classic packs, make sure you don't just instinctively run to the Collection Manager and automatically dust everything. You'll want to hold onto these specific cards just a little longer to get maximum value.