For every player that doesn't actually spend money on Hearthstone, quests are arguably the most important part of the game. It takes experience to learn how to play, but after that you'll eventually need the right cards to make the proper decks. And without spending some cash, the only way to do so is to earn your weight in gold. In our latest guide, which focuses on quests, we talk about the basics, when you should reroll, how to maximizing your gold income, and some hidden quests you may not know about.


Quests are your primary source of gold in Hearthstone. Every day a random one is chosen from a pool with higher chances of receiving one of the easier (and therefore less rewarding) quests. More difficult quests pay out higher gold amounts or even entire packs. Knowing how to maximize your profit by selectively choosing which ones to reroll is a very important part of growing your card collection.

There are a number of unique, unlisted quests that can only be completed once. These are detailed later in the guide. There's also an infinitely renewable quest that rewards you 10 gold for every three wins, up to a maximum of 100 gold per day. Neither of these take up space in your Quest Log and almost all can also be completed in Tavern Brawls, Ranked/Casual Play, or Arena.