Needless to say, the impending Warsong Commander nerf has the community both rejoicing and up in arms. Many knew the deck was problematic as there just wasn't enough counterplay around it. Any minions at all on your board just served to make their Frothing Berserkers stronger, leaving every match feeling like a delicate race against time as you hoped they didn't draw the right cards. That said, it's easily one of the hardest decks to ever exist in Hearthstone, and because of that many pros appreciated the depth it brought to competitive play. Casual players on the other hand were punished if they didn't know all the right win conditions and ways to play around Grim Patron.

So what seems to be the consensus among the best players in the world? Actually there doesn't appear to be one, most knew it was an issue, but many thought Blizzard's nerf was a little too hamfisted.

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Kripp finds himself in the latter camp that is glad to have had the issue taken care of but thinks Warsong Commander is now a flaming pile of garbage. He takes exception to Ben Brode's assertion that players, "just don't know how good [the text on Warsong Commander] is." It may be a bit of a misunderstanding as we took it to mean that we know it's bad, but new players don't, whereas Kripp seems to believe Brode is saying the card is still very good.

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Calling it the Starving Buzzard Treatment as a former competitive card that's basically been nerfed into the ground, Trump thinks the nerf was a bit too severe. Much like Kripp, he believes the stats on Warsong Commander should have either been brought up or the mana costs brought down along with the change to text. It's a very long video and he talks a bit slow, so feel free to kick up the playback speed to 1.5. You won't miss a thing and he doesn't sound silly, it'll just save you from the long pauses in between thoughts.

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It's also worth noting, that as a common class card Warsong Commander will still be offered very prominently in the Arena. As such, Warrior is now even worse than it was previously. ADWCTA talks about how this effects its tier rating, what could have been done to make it both eliminated from Patron Warrior and make it still viable in the arena, and comments on the Brode video. The latter of which released during the recording of this video so he just left his response in the description saying,
What I don't think BBrode recognizes is that the problem isn't that "we want good warrior cards", it's that there's a systemic problem in how Blizzard treats Arena players, Arena balance, and all things Arena. It's flat out marginalization of a rather large minority of the playerbase. It doesn't even seem like he realizes the impact of his decisions on the Arena community (and I don't just mean offering odds). This wasn't just a missed opportunity, it's a thoughtlessly missed opportunity. Now he knows about us, and now we know what we're worth to Blizzard. 20 seconds out of 9:30 to say "wait a couple of months". I guess it's not nothing. But still feelsbadman.

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Warsong Commander did very little but generate uninteractive gameplay. Hearthstone is better with it being essentially gone.

It'll be exciting to see what happens at BlizzCon in the new metagame. Much better than it being stale.

RIP, one of the coolest decks to ever grace HS. But hey @LiquidSavjz looks like the theory was true! BlizzCon will be super exciting now ;)

The Warsong nerf also has bigger implications. We don't know what future planned cards are limited in design based on Warsong's existence.


Welp the only deck I still felt like players can outplay people with is removed. I'm sad. Just when conquest was finally going to end too.

i dont understand removing patron warrior but keeping mysterious challenger the same. Maybe most appealing to the casual playerbase?

Rip Grim Patron, please welcome our new Secret Paladin overlords

What do you folks think? Did Blizzard go a bit too hard, should they have compensated a bit more, or was everything completely justified?