RDU, Orange, Amaz, and more respond to the changes.

Surprising everyone, Blizzard has announced another batch of card nerfs, this time encompassing a total of seven cards. While notorious offenders like Tuskarr TotemicYogg-Saron, Hope's End, and Call of the Wild were affected, there was also a few other quality of life changes made in an effort to help bring down the power of certain archetypes.

We've spoken with multiple pro players to get their thoughts on the nerfs and though there hasn't been much time for them to fully process the changes, that will remain the case as these are scheduled to go live before the end of next week.

"I love most of the nerfs," says G2's RDU, "The Call of the Wild, Abusive [Sergeant], Tuskarr [Totemic], Yogg [changes] are exactly how I imagined they should be handled. [The nerfs to] Execute, Rockbiter, and Charge are extra but also look really good."

NRG's Amaz offers his own thoughts on Rockbiter Weapon saying, "[It] has always been a premium removal at 1 mana for 3 damage, as no other cards have that kind of power level (Holy Smite, Lightning Bolt, etc). Combined with Windfury it even becomes a 1 mana Fireball. Having this be a 2 mana card now might change it from a brainless auto-include in all Shaman decks to a card that you have to think about including."

And while that's certainly good for the meta, Fade2Karma's J4CHIECHAN feels like it might make the card unplayable. Regardless, it's hardly what many consider to be the biggest change.

Hunter just recently rose back to power with One Night In Karazhan and probably couldn't have done so without the help of Call of the Wild. We spoke with Alliance's newest team member Orange, who's been playing a lot of the class lately to get his thoughts on how things could potentially change.

"I mean it is kinda bittersweet," he begins, "I hate Call of the Wild. I think the card is stupid and I don't like the 'new' playstyle you had to adopt too with 'stall [until] you can cast Call of the Wild.' So in that regard, I am very happy to see it nerfed, [but] I don't think the card is very good now.

"On the other hand, that is pretty much the only card that made Hunter even remotely playable. So I'm afraid Hunter will not see very much competitive play for a while."

We'll certainly get to see how the next month pans out before BlizzCon when we're expecting the announcement of the final set of 2016. Perhaps that'll finally move the class to a place where it's competitively viable in tournaments.

Of course, it's Yogg-Saron that most people are unsure of. Will it still see play on the ladder? The resident Yogg expert J4CHIECHAN still thinks it'll see some play, but RDU says it probably won't be showing up at tournaments anymore.

"It's super bad now [since] it dies very often."

But he admits that he could be wrong, "[The] meta is hard to predict though since anything can happen. It's exciting!"