@ThatsAdmirable: While I liked the idea of quest rogue, the execution was a miss this time. Glad to see the change, and can't wait for more combo!

@bmkibler: Exactly the change I wanted to see to the card. Almost certainly knocks it out of top-tier constructed. It's a huge difference in many of those matchups. It also down-powers the deck to the point that it'll massively reduce population IMO

@FalconeHS: Excited to see the Quest Rogue nerfs (5 minions needed not 4) impact on the meta. Might be overkill- but will influence the game!

@CydoniaHS: R.I.P. Quest rogue. This change was not needed. Jade Druid New Meta. let's be real, it's unplayable now. Spirit Claws nerf also further unbalanced the meta

@Strifecro: The change to Quest Rogue is super good and helps balance Mage for the remainder of this expansion as its the only control deck right now. It will make mage weaker because healing based control decks beat mage but auto lose to quest rogue and to some extent jade druid

@G2Rdu: The meta we have now is the most balanced we ever had. Am I the only one worrying that nerfing quest rogue might disturb the balance?

@TempoGaara: The rogue quest nerf is lit.

@XixoHS: Probably bad nerf for the current meta but that one was actually limiting design space so I'm fine with it. Give expansion now.

@Th3raT: Waiting to see the effect nerfing quest rogue has on meta. That is all.

@TempoEloise: I'm very happy about quest rogue nerf :) I like interactive ladder experience. Feel bad for some aggro decks tho

@Ekop: oh well, there's always miracle rogue

@F2K_J4CKIE: Quest Rogue gonna be a meme deck, means i can finally play it FeelsGoodMan

@LotharHS: I like seeing nerfs done quickly BUT i dont think this change makes a huge difference in the quest rogue vs control decks matchup. At the same time one minion/turn difference makes a huge change in other matchups. Blizzard reasoning is just weird.