Can't take your turn in Hearthstone, it might be due to this.

If you've been playing Hearthstone lately and noticing a very Nozdormu-esque effect with animations taking up your entire turn, you aren't alone. Popular Hearthstone streamer and piece of bread, Disguised Toast has discovered a new exploit that Priests can do using two Radiant Elementals and two copies of Shadow Visions.

In short, by discovering the same card over and over, you queue up a bunch of animations that your opponent has to sit through before they can take their turn. Do this enough and it eats away the entire 70 seconds.

A similar situation arose with Nozdormu many months ago, but that was mostly because he shortens each turn's duration so it's a little easier to stack animations against your opponent. Blizzard wasn't too quick fix the issue, likely because it wasn't that popular of a move, but this new exploit seems a lot easier to complete and can be fit into a normal Priest deck.

Toast recorded himself putting the pieces together in his latest video.

Do not attempt this exploit as a way to climb the ladder. Doing so will put you at risk of being banned. We just wanted to let our community know that this is now a known issue and is almost certainly frowned upon by Blizzard.

Update:  Sajvz is reporting that this has already been fixed. We certainly hope that's the case, but Toast did not make it clear in the video whether or not this still worked.