Budget decks for Paladin, Hunter, and Druid updated for the Gadgetzan meta.

It's a bad time in Hearthstone's history to get Hunter and Paladin quests. Both classes are seeing little to no play with some players citing as few as two Hunter encounters in more than 1,000 matches. Paladin has the luxury of Anyfin Can Happen which has kept it viable, especially in competitive play. However, when the time comes for a new player to win games with either one, it's hard to know where to start, especially since the classes themselves are in such deep holes, to begin with.

Fret not, we haven't forgotten about the final three classes in our Playing Hearthstone on a Budget series. We've previously covered Rogue, Mage, and Warlock and prior to that, Priest, Warrior, and Shaman.

Want all of them in one easy to find location? Soon we'll be porting these over to a generic budget guide which will be updated with each new set.

For now, though, let's focus on the cheapest, most viable decks for these three classes in Jade Druid, Face Hunter, and Dragon Paladin.

Jade Druid

Budget Jade Druid - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

Aside from Jade Druid, only Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King Combo Druid really sees play at the moment and that's obviously a very expensive deck to create.

With so many Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards, specifically those with the Jade Golem keyword being relatively cheap, we've decided to focus on that instead.

There are more than a few Rares that we'd like to use, but they aren't absolutely necessary. Raven Idol is a good substitute for Jade Idol as it can function as a replacement for either of the four spells that had to be cut.

Dark Arakkoa and Sen'jin Shieldmasta are just good stats for the cost, something that Jade decks like to have on hand.


Budget Jade Druid - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

Adding those Rares back in is relatively important. Azure Drake and Gadgetzan Auctioneer are both excellent card draw which Nourish will also likely help with. Jade Idol is simply cheap Golem generation and can seal up any matches against other control decks.


Added Removed



JustSaiyan's Jade Druid (January 2016)

To get the full Jade Druid experience we add the required legendary minions. Each of these is incredibly important, but we'd argue priority should go to Fandral StaghelmBrann Bronzebeard, and then Aya Blackpaw.

While important, you can ultimately live without Aya. She's mostly just good stats and solid Golem generation.


Added Removed

Face Hunter

Budget Face Hunter - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

As a forewarning, Hunter transitions a lot more between stages. The class as a whole has Rare cards that it desperately needs to be really competitive. The difference in power level between the Commons Only version here and the Under 1600 step up is huge.

While this one has lots of small minions, it's ultimately unable to take advantage of the secret synergy that Hunters really have to lean on right now.


Budget Face Hunter - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

Focus on Infested Wolf last, the other six cards are much more important.


Added Removed



Tansokus' Face Hunter (January 2017)

Now we add some of the more expensive traps, eliminate others, and add more things that let us go face.


Added Removed

Dragon Paladin

Budget Dragon Paladin - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

You may have thought the Hunter transition was bad, but Paladin is arguably worse. A total of ten cards are removed and replaced which is a lot considering all of the new cards are Rare. 


Budget Dragon Paladin - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

We're getting rid of some of the less than optimal cards that don't really serve too much of a function in this deck and adding more dragon synergy.


Added Removed


Kolento's Dragon Paladin (January 2017)

Finally, we add the tried-and-true legendaries and the Epic Twilight Guardian.


Added Removed


Hopefully, this has helped you get an idea as to how you should upgrade your decks as you continue to collect more and more cards. One of the biggest complaints we get from players is that they don't know what cards they should be replacing. By having multiple tiers and showing exactly what we're adding and removing, we're hopeful that you not only better understand the actions that we're taking, but are also free to make your own changes in part.

Again, if you missed the previous two posts you can catch them here:  Rogue, Mage, and Warlock and Priest, Warrior, and Shaman.