Budget decks for Mage, Rogue, and Warlock.

Budget Hearthstone decks are usually hit or miss. Either they're too expensive or too cheap, and very rarely do they cater to the person trying to actually progress towards a complete deck.

Last week we changed that. The first of our Gadgetzan guides to budget Hearthstone focused on three of the most powerful archetypes at the moment: Dragon Priest, Pirate Warrior, and Aggro Shaman. Luckily decks like these aren't normally all that expensive, but we still provided options for players that want something as cheap as possible and look towards completing that deck at some point.

But say you have a quest for Mage or Warlock. What are you to do then?

Reno Mage and Renolock are really the only two highly competitive deck types at the moment and needless to say, those aren't cheap, some lists run upwards of 15,000 arcane dust. That's unimaginable for new players so while we tackle Mage, Warlock, and Rogue today, we've opted to expand upon some lower decks on the current meta's tier list so they remain relatively cheap.


Jade Rogue

Budget Jade Rogue - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

Miracle Rogue is the only really competitive archetype for the class at the moment, but it relies upon specific cards that can not be replaced. Because of that, we've moved further down the totem to Jade Rogue. Unfortunately, it's still not too cheap, essentially costing you 1000 arcane dust anyway, but these cards shouldn't be too hard to get your hands on.

Budget Jade Rogue - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

We're removing some of the more niche and situational cards in favor of your standard Rogue Rares including Gadgetzan Auctioneer and more spells to help you get those activations off.

Added Removed



Standard Jade Rogue

And here's all of your expensive legendary minions (plus Preparation). The first two on our list take precedence over the rest when it comes to crafting, those three cards alone can win you games outright.


Added Removed

Tempo Mage

Budget Tempo Mage - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

The popular Reno Jackson decks are not friendly towards players on a budget. So we've swapped to one of the less competitive archetypes in Tempo Mage. It's a mature deck that's gone through many iterations and stands to lose a significant amount of itself come the Standard rotation in a few months. So keep in mind that this may not be the best deck to pursue, but if you have quests you need to complete, this is probably the way to do it.

Budget Tempo Mage - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

Rares are very important for Tempo Mage. Flamewaker is synonymous with the deck type and Spell Damage is predictably important.


Added Removed



Standard Tempo Mage

The legendaries here are mostly just good additions. Archmage Antonidas however, is a win condition outright and is one of the few chances you have at winning against control decks once the game gets into the higher turn numbers.


Added Removed


Budget Zoolock - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

Warlock is in the exact same position as Mage at the moment. The most popular decks are exceedingly expensive so the tried-and-true Zoolock is what we turn to. Unlike Mage, though, this will likely still be around after the next Standard rotation, the question is as to how strong it'll actually be once that happens though.

Budget Zoolock - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

There's a lot of subpar common cards in the first version of the deck. Building up to more expensive cards makes a big difference here.


Added Removed



Standard Zoolock - Gadgetzan

Finally, we insert a Crazed Alchemist for the Reno decks, add some legendary minions, and throw in a Sea Giant for good measure. None of these are absolutely necessary, but Leeroy Jenkins is probably the best of the bunch.


Added Removed