Budget decks for Priest, Warrior, and Shaman.

Blizzard has spoken about Hearthstone's new player experience on many occasions including today during a special live stream. Part of that learning curve is the ability to transfer from using the curated Basic decks that Hearthstone offers and starting to build your own. New players, who are short on cards, usually turn to budget decks which offer a somewhat competitive experience at less of an arcane dust cost.

In short, budget decks are easy to obtain and won't take you ages like it does for many of the most expensive decks in Hearthstone. Some like Control Warrior can literally take months on end as they require multiple legendary minions which cost 1600 arcane dust each and are hard to come across in pack openings.

Today, we're beginning a three part series where we take a look at some budget decks that offer you a clear path towards completion. Our first offering is a deck made entirely of Common or Basic cards which you're most likely to have and if you don't they only cost 40 dust each to craft. The second is a bit more expensive and starts to incorporate Rare cards that might be a bit harder to obtain, but the entire thing can be prepared at a cost that's cheaper than a single legendary. And finally, there's the third, complete decklist that most players are actively running today.

This way you can easily figure out what the next step for you should be. Already have those Azure Drakes? Slot them in. Got lucky and pulled a Bloodmage Thalnos? Safe to say that he's already a good fit in Aggro Shaman.

We've decided to start at the top of the heap with what are currently the most competitive decks: Aggro Shaman, Pirate Warrior, and Dragon Priest.

Each class will be receiving one archetype during our series so no matter what quest the game decides to give you, you'll have a relatively cheap option at your fingertips.

Aggro Shaman

Budget Aggro Shaman - Gadgetzan (Commons Only)

We remove the likes of Jade ClawsMaelstrom Portal, and Azure Drake to save some dust. Priority for crafting should probably go to the Drakes as they give you card draw and extra spell damage.

Budget Aggro Shaman - Gadgetzan (Under 1600)

The standard Aggro Shaman deck runs no fewer than three legendary minions, so cutting back on those alone saves us 4800 dust. 

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Cheese's Top 50 Legend Aggro Shaman (Guide)

Patches the PirateAya Blackpaw, and Bloodmage Thalnos join the fray. Thalnos is probably the most important for the same reasons the Drakes were earlier on.

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Pirate Warrior

Budget Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior (Commons Only)

We drop Small-Time BuccaneerBloodsail CultistFrothing Berserker, and Mortal Strike and get the cost down to a very reasonable 960 arcane dust. Frothing and Buccaneer are easily more important than the other two rares, so focus on crafting those first.

Budget Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior (Under 1600)

By cutting out all of the Epics and Legendaries, it's possible to craft a relatively okay Pirate Warrior for 75% of the cost.

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Sjow's Pirate Warrior (January 2017)

Actual Pirate Warrior is quite expensive with 3200 in Legendaries, 800 in Epics, and 800 in Rares. Southsea Captain isn't absolutely necessary, but it has become more popular as players have started teching in Whirlwind effects to deal with low health minions.

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Dragon Priest

Budget Gadgetzan Dragon Priest (Commons Only)

It's still technically Dragon Priest, but heavily relies upon the Blackrock Mountain cards to keep it cheap. This is missing many of the cards that make the Priest archetype so strong at the moment so make sure to get those Drakonid Operatives as soon as possible.

Budget Gadgetzan Dragon Priest (Under 1600)

It's possible to get away with running Dragon Priest for under 1600 arcane dust, but it probably won't be too fun. Twilight Guardian is very good and Brann Bronzebeard can straight up win value matchups. And don't even get us started on Dragonfire Potion. To be fair though, you can get away without the latter. Some decklists run two, some one, and others don't use it at all.

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Paradox_HS' (Top 25 EU Legend) Dragon Priest Guide

Dragon Warrior has the pleasent feature of relying heavily upon Epic cards. You'll spend just as much on those as you will Legendary minons with Dragonfire Potion and Twilight Guardian costing just as much as Brann Bronzebeard.

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