N'Zoth Hunters are getting another way to activate their Deathrattles.

Deathrattle Hunter has scarcely been a thing in Wild where there are enough minions with the keyword for N'Zoth, the Corruptor to do some real damage. That's never been the case in Standard, but this hasn't stopped Blizzard from trying to push the archetype. Whispers of the Old Gods saw the Legendary Princess Huhuran release to little fanfare and Terrorscale Stalker joined it in Journey to Un'Goro with similar results. Today, a new Knights of the Frozen Throne card joins the duo and looks to be the most competitive of them yet: Play Dead.

The main problem with Huhuran is that to get the most value you want to activate a Deathrattle of a powerful minion. But to do that you have to prepare for it a full turn earlier and hope your opponent doesn't remove the minion. Terrorscale is a little easier to do this with and can even target Savannah Highmane on the turn it is played, but it's just not enough currently. The beauty of Play Dead is that it only costs one mana so your can activate the Deathrattle at a very small cost - the main cost is actually the fact that you're running this in the first place and it could potentially be a dead card.

Sadly, there's nothing in Standard currently that can be activated by Play Dead that couldn't be taken care of by Terrorscale. I.e. There's no 8 or 9-cost Deathrattle minions to combo this with. Maybe Deathstalker Rexxar's Build-a-Beast minions can help, because otherwise it still doesn't seem like it's this effects time in the spotlight.

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