A few days ago, we were the first to report on some of the new Tavern Brawl images that were added with last week's League of Explorers patch. Today, while looking through some more of the files, we've found references to some more brawls that have not been detailed yet.
  • TB_GiftExchange
  • TB_PickYourFateBuildAround
  • TB_PickYourFateRandom
We also found some of their internal testing methods including:
  • TB_Deckbuilding1PTest
  • TB_PickYourFateBuildAround1PTest
  • TB_PickYourFateRandom1PTest
  • In these the player faces off against an AI Priest.
  • From what we can parse from the strings this is Blizzard's method of testing the deckbuilding brawl system and other new brawls in the works.
We can't help but wonder if any of these correlate to the Tavern Brawl images we found the other day. What do you think?