A ton of new cards came with Whispers of the Old Gods and that means we finally got to look at their flavor texts, something we always really enjoy, but is easy for many to overlook. So let's check out some of the best.

10. Cho'gall - Even after all this time, Gul'dan still makes Cho'gall go get donuts and coffee.
9. Ancient Harbinger - "honey, can u run down to the store and pick up some 10 cost minions? thx"
8. Twisted Worgen - Sometimes the Old Gods' corruptions gives you power untold, sometimes you get +1 Attack. We can’t all be winners in the Eldritch lottery.
7. Twilight Elder - Just doesn't understand those Twilight Youngsters any more - with their comic books and their rock music.
6. Ragnaros, Lightlord - What happens when you try and corrupt a corrupted firelord? DOUBLE NEGATIVE, INSECT!
5. Validated Doomsayer - Really feels good about himself and is in a much better place now. But… he sure does miss piloting those shredders.
4. Stand Against Darkness - Or if you're too tired, you can just kind of lean against the darkness.
3. Tentacles for Arms - That's right. Garrosh just slapped you to death with a tentacle.
2. Carrion Grub - Carrion, my wayward grub.
1. Am'gam Rager - peerc rewop