The class cards from One Night In Karazhan have been controversial to say the least. In Part 3 of our card review we take a look at four more class cards: Ethereal Peddler, Malchezaar's Imp, Babbling Book, and Save the King!

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For Ethereal Peddler to be good, Rogue has to be pretty adept at actually stealing cards from other classes. It can currently only do so itself through Burgle and Undercity Huckster. The latter of the two is the only one which really sees consistent play, but even if both were, Ethereal probably still wouldn't have enough synergy to warrant inclusion. If we start to get to Priest levels of copying cards however, we may be looking at an entirely different story.

As far as stats goes, a 5-Cost 5/6 is not bad at all and falls appropriately on the curve - at least currently - where you expect to have some class cards in your hand.

Unless Blizzard releases more cards that synergize with this however, it simply won't see play.

Verdict: Bad.

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Ah, the Warlock discard mechanic. Many kneejerk reactions talk about how sub-par the Imp is compared to Flame Imp. As the best one drop in the game, it's going to be hard to ever wrest control of that spot. That said, we don't actually view Malchezaar's Imp as a one drop. Sure you can do that and then play Darkshire Librarian or Succubus on Turn 2, but that's not really where this card shines.

Doomguard is a fantastic card. At five Attack it packs a decent punch and with seven health it'll stay alive long enough to make a trade or two. However, the biggest risk with it has always been finding yourself at a huge card disadvantage as your hand ends up nearly empty. Of course Lifetap serves as an adequate way of catching you back up, but imagine playing Malchezaar's Imp and Doomguard on Turn 6 and still ending up with cards in your hand.

We think that Zoo is pretty packed full of value at the moment. If this was releasing in Spring 2017, when three full sets will rotate out, this would be an easy inclusion in most Zoolock decks. Maybe this is something you can only run one copy of in today's meta since Doomguard is really the only card most people utilize - aside from the occasional Soulfire - that discards cards.

Verdict: Situational.

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There are a lot of Mage spells, 28 to be exact. Out of all of those, there are very, very few that can end up being disappointing. Sure Ice Lance isn't always the best and Shatter can be completely useless if you have no Freeze effects, but for each of those there are other beauties like Flamestrike, Fireball, and Cabalist's Tome.

You're only paying one mana for the opportunity at a much more valuable card and you're getting a 1/1 body out of it. We can easily see this being good for the basically nonexistant (at least right now) Control Mage which really does lack anything to do on Turn 1. The question remains, is this good enough to warrant cutting another card? If you can remove something that's good, but not great like Refreshment Vendor, we certainly think there's room for this to be ran.

That said, this is probably too slow for Tempo Mage, that archetype really wants to be playing Mana Wyrm and very high value spells. Freeze Mage on the other hand has been locked solid since basically the beginning of time. A card has to be something special to even be considered.

Verdict: Situational.

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Unleash the Taunts! In the right world maybe this is a good card. The reason Unleash the Hounds is good is that you can immediately use the minions you spawn to trade or push damage. Save the King leaves you hoping they survive until the next turn. Not even Bolster guarantees their survival as there are plenty of three damage board clears in the wild right now.

Most control decklists would rather spawn one large minion with Taunt over a bunch of tokens. There's certainly a world where this is usefully blocking a ton of damage from a couple of large minions, but with how many pings are in Hearthstone right now, it's hard to imagine that happening anywhere near consistently.

Verdict: Bad.

For our thoughts on more cards - Part 1 examines some of the first revealed cards, Part 2 talks about the legendaries.