Miss the Whispers of the Old Gods reveal towards the end of last week? No problem. We've got a quick video recap of everything that was revealed as well as some of our thoughts on the initial batch of cards.

In more official news, Robert "Whirthun" Wing has announced that a Legendary card from Old Gods will be revealed on Sunday just prior to the last match in this year's European Winter Championship. Alongside that Lead Designer Ben Brode confirms that adding a Wild Pack which contains cards from every set is "not out of the question."

We'll be revealing a Legendary minion from the #OldGods set on Sunday before the final match of the Europe Winter Championship! #HCT

@bdbrode @PlayHearthstone possibility of adding a 100g "wild pack" that can contain cards from all previous adventures and expansions? tnx
@TariTheRogue it's not out of the question. We don't have plans for it right now though.