Our friends at the Well Met! Podcast have revealed a new Warrior card which was followed by a Shaman weapon based on WoW's  Twilight's Hammer. While the Americas Hearthstone account hasn't updated their banner yet, another has posted the art for our final remaining old god: Yogg Saron! This week's card reveal voting is now live as well.

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@PlayHearthstone Hi there! For Keeper of the swarm, if we play it while at 10 mana and choose second option, do we get the 0-cost Draw card?

.@MightyMax44 Mire Keeper doesn't give you Excess Mana (Draw a Card spell) when played at 10 mana and Gain an empty Mana Crystal is chosen.

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Our old friend Yogg Saron is a little greener than we remember.


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Lifecoach, Thijs, Kranich, Dog, and Richard Knight are this week's options for Whispers of the Old Gods voting. Last week all of the thumbnails were leaked.