While I've never had the honor of reaching the heights of Legend, I have climbed higher than most other Hearthstone players, topping out at just about Rank 2. This season, during my attempt at making Legend, I ran into an opponent who was actually running Undertaker. He took me down rather handily and as a result I thought I would try my own hand at making a decklist that utilized it. I experienced great success, climbing rapidly from Rank 10 to Rank 3 before finally stalling out as the season drew to a close. So while this isn't a Legend deck, it's one that has a possibility of competing with the best of the best given the right circumstances.

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As most Hybrid Hunters do, this deck blends a mixture of Face and Midrange Hunter. This is predominantly defined by Arcane Golem (from Face) and Savannah Highmane (from Midrange). Which of these win conditions you utilize depends on what deck archetype you're facing and furthermore, what stage of the game you're in. There's a significant amount of early game that allows you to contend with some of the more aggressive decks which then evolves into more meaty minions that prove troublesome to those that continue the aggro.

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One thing you don't want to be afraid of is playing a minion by itself. When Undertaker was nerfed, many were hesitant to run it as it no longer grows out of control. While this is still the case it now frees you up to care less about protecting it. The benefit of this is that if a deck tends to be more Midrange or Control, the Undertaker must be dealt with swiftly. You'll frequently be able to bait out removal like Darkbomb and Frostbolt.

As always, Kezan Mystic should really only be held against decks that run secrets though if you have nothing better to play it's certainly not a bad option. The same goes for Houndmaster which doesn't always need to use its buff to be a good decision. Playing Haunted Creeper and hero powering isn't nearly as solid as a 4/3 body on the field, by Turn 4 you're certainly hoping to be rolling along pretty well.

To an extent this is also true for Arcane Golem. Though you want to avoid having to play it on curve, if you're against a deck where you need constant pressure and think playing a Golem will push things in your favor there's some validity to just playing it and going face. Unless you're doing an extremely valuable trade, you generally want to avoid playing it just to have it go one for one.

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Somewhere between Turn 4 and Turn 6 you want to start using your hero power every turn. Doing so applies consistent pressure, gives value for your mana, and helps keep you from stalling out. Of course there are fringe situations where you want to avoid lowering your opponent's health, but in general this is an advisable practice. Keep in mind that you only have two six mana drops in your entire deck. After that point you're easily playing more than you're drawing. This way you keep yourself from overcommitting and being punished while also making sure that you don't run out of cards.

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Interestingly enough I decided not to run the classic Knife Juggler + Unleash the Hounds combo. I've found that over time, especially with the popularity of Grim Patron Warrior, the random damage can tend to be a reliability. Many games can be won off of that value, but a good number can also be lost.
  • Undertaker + Any of the 14 Deathrattle minions - Pretty self explanatory, each one gives you a chance to push more face damage or trade up.

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  • Harvest Golem - Just a solid, sticky minion that happens to have synergy with Undertaker. Could be replaced with something else if you deem it appropriate.
  • Savannah Highmane - Though a signature card of Midrange Hunter, it could be replaced if you find yourself in need of more aggression
  • Undertaker - Okay, theoretically you don't need the Undertaker and an argument could be won that it should be replaced. That said, I've grown fond of the surprise factor and the attention it warrants.

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  • My mulligans are general rules and don't apply to every situation. If you're curve is good enough, you might just want to keep Piloted Shredder
  • Don't over-commit.
  • Remember to hero power.
  • You'll learn over time when you should be switching to face and away from board control.