For a good while, China has served as a sort of testing ground for Blizzard since Netease deals with a lot of the online services for Hearthstone there. Because of this, applications like the one released today which show you lots of hidden stats are possible.

"You can also chat with your BattleNet friends through this app and most importantly compare your stats with them," tweets CelestialSinn.

The application also allows those in the region to register and pre-register for Gold Series tournaments, watch streams and VODs from any platform, tournament info, stats and results, and more!

According to Reddit user czhihong the following stats are displayed:
  • Top 3 most played classes
  • Number of days since you first started playing
  • Highest number of consecutive days of logging in
  • Highest rank achieved
  • Highest win-streak on ladder
  • Total number of arena matches played
  • Highest number of wins achieved in a single arena run
  • Number of wins in most recent arena run
  • Total games of brawls played
  • Number of different brawls played (Rag v Nef, Crossroads, Top Two etc.)
  • Percentile based on these stats
  • The graph seems to be based on various behaviour in-game, the five sides are "Experience, Survivability, Determination, Efficiency, and Extravagance." I'm not sure what exactly they're based on, only one I'm fairly sure is probably that Extravagance corresponds to how much money you've spent. Most of the dedicated players seem to be maxed out on all sides besides some variation in Extravagance, though.
Earlier this year the companies released a bigger picture look at the Chinese ladder. They also developed an official API that Chinese fan sites could hook up to and pull the stats on up to 8.5 million games worth of data.

Hopefully we'll see something like this come to the other regions at some point!

Netease and Blizzard CN today published an app to check your HS hidden stats: max win streaks, active days, most used class, best rank etc.

The app also introduces us an achievement feature with names like "????(defeating the final boss for Legend)", "????(Put out fires)", 1)

"??????(We're gonna be rich!)", etc. Not exactly sure which stats they are tracking for each right now, but do seem interesting and might 2)

be a real thing that may come to HS as an in-game achievement feature some day. 3)