What are the most broken cards in all of Hearthstone? Piloted Shredder, Dr. Boom, and Mysterious Challenger. Despite the fact that there are now being more than 700 official cards, chances are those are the first three that came to your mind. And while no one isn't arguing that they aren't the best drops given the mana cost, but there will always be a conversation as to whether or not Blizzard should go as far as to nerf them. There's nothing the community itself can do to force Blizzard to change cards, if they're going to nerf them, they're going to nerf them. Maybe they have other plans in mind such as releasing a card to counter it, we don't know. But what we can do is theorize exactly what changes we would make to have them become balanced.

Hearthstone caster Noxious recently decided to take a look at a lot of Hearthstone cards, both overpowered and underperforming, and make some changes to bring them back in line. While it is indeed interesting to see things such as the elimination of RNG among the Shaman class and the reduction of overload, it's how he tries to bring the more problematic cards in line that's really intriguing. We'll be offering our own thoughts on the cards, as to why they are or aren't problematic, and then giving you some thoughts from Noxious himself.

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The major problem with Innervate is allowing the playing of a card far before it is intended to be. And yeah, sometimes Big Game Hunter destroys their Turn 3 Dr. Boom, but other times it outright wins games.

Innervate limits design space by making any "good card" become ridiculous when played earlier. Especially true of 4, 5 and 7 drops. This version lets you get a Coin or play an additional 2-cost card. Still an auto-include unless you hate Mana.

Back to TopKnife Juggler

Honestly, we don't think Knife Juggler is that much of an issue. Sure it puts a limit on the number of token summoning creatures and spells Blizzard can create (looking at you Mirror of Doom), but overall it's more of an annoyance than anything.

"Summoning" is way too easy, and games that are decided on Muster for Battle or Haunted Creeper knives make me wonder why this card is what it is. A 2/2 still keeps the ridiculous and aggravating knife hits a core part of the game.

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It's not so much that Mad Scientist is so much of an issue now than it is the card limiting design space. As it stands Blizzard can't make Secrets that are high mana costs or very powerful as cheating them out with the Scientist is simply too easy.

1 Attack makes it so you play the card not for its trading potential but for the Secret itself. A 2/2 trades too easily everywhere; Freeze Mage keeps their necessary fetch and other decks stop piggybacking on the [delaying] of this effect.

Back to TopPiloted Shredder

Ah, Piloted Shredder. It's understandably annoying that this one card has shaped so much of the Hearthstone meta. It single-handedly made five health creatures more valuable, weakened any early drops that didn't have three attack (at least in classes without pings), and finally made Millhouse Manastorm relevant. In all seriousness, it has the potential for insane value given the cost and therefore should probably be a bit weaker.

Because why is this card even in the game anymore? Can someone enlighten me?

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Who doesn't enjoy a good Christmas tree? Well, anyone playing against a Secret Paladin for one. Though all of the Paladin secrets are generally regarded as bad and not worth a spot in a typical deck, it turns out that getting to play them all at once, thinning out your deck, and getting the board presence of Mysterious Challenger is really valuable! So Noxious wants to put a cap on that.

Capped the "draw" at 3, reduced health so it could die to damage and not just hard removal.

Back to TopEmperor Thaurissan

The combo enabler himself. While Emperor Thaurissan has certainly been a welcome way of making more cards viable, a few key ones can be problematic for most players. Assuming you don't have any way to remove him in one turn, you might as well get ready to lose.

An entire hand of discount doesn't also need to punish you for not having 5 damage. Forces Priests to find something else than Shadow Word: Death to deal with this guy; Entomb, Lightbomb, Shrinkmeister/SW:Pain, etc.

Back to TopDivine Favor

The only card in the entire game that severely punishes you for playing control, Divine Favor simply needs to have a cap on how many cards you can draw. No more of this 5+ cards for only three mana.

Capped the draw at 3; potentially better than Arcane Intellect but not too much. Makes you consider Solemn Vigil, too.

Back to TopDr. Boom

Dr. Seven himself. The sad thing is, even with the changes that Noxious is presenting, Dr. Boom would probably still see play. The five health would make it susceptible to a four attack minion with a ping, but the Boom Bot would still be able to do up to six damage, which is pretty darn good.

Dying to damage? Yep. It happens now. [And with the changes to Boom Bots,] Azure Drakes might just live.

Back to TopExtra: Big Game Hunter

You may wonder why Big Game Hunter isn't among this list? Noxious has a pretty detailed explanation:
A few changes are accommodations for Big Game Hunter's nature as a necessary evil. I've already read a fair share of other opinions on the matter but I don't see a Hearthstone without Big Game Hunter lest every 7+ attack minion has a really low health count or every class is given hard removal in the way Priest is set. I'd rather design around it than change it. Increasing its cost to 4 Mana was a consideration but it's a binary card by default, and it doesn't really get all that worse by being 4 Mana aside from making it even more dead when it does nothing (Kezan Mystic-style). I'd rather make it so there are other ways of killing 7+ Attack minions that don't feel like they're forcing you into mandatory techs, and that means making high attack minions' health less of a burden and allowing you to use damage as removal. But I might be wrong.
For more of his reasoning and many, many more card changes, check out the original post on Reddit and the card gallery.