Want something different? Check out these Chinese Hearthstone decks.

With Blizzard hosting the first ever Hearthstone Wild Open qualifiers this month for the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Unsurprisingly, China is hosting its own event. Overseas the qualifiers have already been completed the winners are now waiting for the tournament to kick off. We've pruned through all 32 player's decks and found a few notable ones that different from what you'd expect to see.

AHQ Kkuang's Wild Inner Fire Priest 冰蓝飞狐's Tempo Warrior
CCBetray's Wild Tempo Mage 哈姆士郎's Reno Mage
EDG Bingxuan's Control Warrior 深海羽翼's Djinni Inner Fire Priest
EDG Tomorrow's Secret Paladin 营地丨驴鸽's Demon Renolock
OmSolenTo's Anyfin Paladin  


While digging through all of these we also noticed some other information:

  • Lots of Quest Rogues with Target Dummy.
  • As many Pirate Warriors as you'd expect. A few ran Fel Reaver.
  • Lots of Jade Druids with a few Yogg-Saron, Hope's Ends as well.
  • A good number of Renolock and Reno Mages.
  • Hunter was nearly extinct with only two out of the 128 decks.

Here is the total class composition of the field: