Historically pre-ordering an entire adventure or 50 packs of the latest expansion has rewarded you with a limited edition card back. And with Blizzard announcing the Karazhan Nights card back, granted when you purchase all wings within a week of launch, many were curious where that left pre-orders. Unfortunately, Lead Designer Ben Brode has clarified that there will indeed be no way to pre-purchase the new set, you'll just have to wait until August 11.

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Senior Producer Yong Woo and Hearthstone caster Frodan will be streaming new Karazhan content on Friday, August 5 at 7PM PDT. There's sure to be new card reveals and probably a sneak peek or two at what you can expect when the adventure itself releases on August 11.
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Hearthstone Live Stream: One Night in Karazhan

The party of a lifetime is about to begin, and you’re invited to join us for all of the opening festivities!

Join Senior Producer Yong Woo and Hearthstone caster extraordinaire Dan 'Frodan' Chou and on Friday, August 5 at 7PM PDT for what is sure to be the very height of grandiosity! You’ll witness dazzling show matches, displays of razor sharp banter between our hosts, and, of course, marvelous new cards from the upcoming One Night in Karazhan adventure!

RSVP now by following the official Hearthstone Twitch channel, and you’ll be notified once the revelry begins. We hope to see all of you dressed* to your digital nines once the show begins!

*You don’t actually have to dress up, as you’ll be watching a stream, but we encourage at the very least a top hat or a monocle.

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Need a quick recap on what we know about Karazhan? This video should help!

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According to players on Reddit, Reno Jackson no longer plays his animation if he's not actually going to activate his effect. No more bluffing your opponent into surrendering.

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We heard your pleas for us to add the latest Karazhan cards to our database so you could all start theorycrafting. We're glad to officially announce that they're now available and will be kept up to date with all the latest reveals!