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Reach Rank 20 or higher to receive your card back at the end of the season!
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Hearthstone™ Ranked Play Season 2 - Brave the Black Temple Ending Soon!

Ranked Play Season 2: Brave the Black Temple is coming to a close at the end of the month, and with it your chances of acquiring the Black Temple card back for your collection. The Black Temple card back will only be available during Ranked Play Season 2, so be sure to hit Rank 20 before June 1 in order to qualify and don’t miss out! Reach Rank 20 or better and the card back will be awarded to you at the end of the season.">Ranked-S2_HS_Blog_Thumb_BlackTemple_CK_500x250.jpg" />

If you play well and become a top 16 Legend player in each Ranked Play season, you may find yourself on your way to becoming a Hearthstone World Champion! We announced how you can qualify to participate in the Regional Qualifier Tournaments, along with the $250,000 Prize Pool at the Hearthstone World Championship">here, so check out that link if you are looking for more information.

Ranked Play Season 3—and a new card back along with it—await you in June!


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The latest patch resolves disconnect issues for the iPad. The patch notes say literally just that, and that "various bugs and issues" were repaired. The official twitter account later added that Legend ranks will display correctly. Nonetheless, good news for iPad players!

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On this week's Hearthstone Deck Tech, Spacewizard showcases his new 'Divine Wind' deck, a Paladin deck designed for casual play that focuses on buffing minion with the Windfury ability. Not only is this deck fun to play but it's also cheap to build. Nevertheless, if there are any particularly costly cards you're missing then check out the budget decklist.